The Omicron Matter – At Tau Ceti Station – Customs Clearance 1

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – At Tau Ceti Station. The group is leaving the ship. The two crews are mingling for the first time (less Winifred Stanhope and Findley Brown who are confined to quarters).  Tensions are high especially in Millicent’s crew.  Liam works to keep a lid on high emotions.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s Note

Only Rachael,John and Liam have had any real interaction with Smith’s crew.  Prior to this moment, they have been separated by technology and space. Now they will be walking together. I’ve designated Liam as peacekeeper. When ships came to port I am sure there was a chief petty officer who made sure the crew knew the laws and knew who was going to bail them out if they violated them. Liam fits that mold nicely.

I am spreading these chapters out a little bit. They are long and I need to get my backlog back up.

Look for more on Wednesday.

Liam – Customs Clearance

A landing joined the two ships.  The large warehouse had a doorway that, Liam presumed, led to the station.  While there was plenty of space between the ships, he, Rachael and John positioned themselves between Millicent’s group and Smith’s small group.  Liam overheard Michael hiss, “I’ll his pound his ass at the first available corner.”

Liam stepped over to Michael and made to adjust his suit and whispered in his ear, “No you won’t boy.” Michael frowned at Liam. Liam leaned in closely and said, “If Smith doesn’t beat you to a pulp, I will.”

Michael hissed back, “But he hurt…”

Liam stepped back and continued to fiddle with Michaels suit sayings, “I was there, boy.” He then stared in Michael’s eyes and said, “I was there. And I would beat several of ‘em. But we are about to step into a foreign port in a territory that ain’t disposed to like us.”  He nodded to the arriving trio of Smith, Carter-Frasier and Redman.  “Don’t know about you, but I’d rather not burn any bridges until I know the lay o’ the land.”  Liam saw Jason staring in his direction defiantly and Eleanor stiffen and stare as well.  He said louder, “That goes for everybody here. There’ll be no family squabbles while we are ashore.” He stared back at Jason and Eleanor who turned away.  He returned to his position in the space between the two groups.

Alfred Redman came up, dressed in the same one piece blue and black suit as everyone else. Somehow he managed to make it look starched. He leaned in and asked, “Are we to expect problems?”

Liam looked over at Jason, Michael and Eleanor who were muttering but shrugging.  He blew his cheeks out and said, “I don’t think so.” He squinted at Alfred and said, “If there is, try not to do any permanent damage  if mine get away from me. I’ll lock ‘em up if I have to.”

Redman smiled, “I can work with those constraints. However, I am not sure who would be permanently damaged if I faced Mr. McNeill again. Last time he left me with a bit of a limp.”  He rubbed his knee in mock drama.

Liam snorted and then said in a low voice, “He telegraphs his punches and leads with his right.  Try not to damage anything we might need …like his head.” Redman tipped an imaginary cap, but stayed silent.


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