The Omicron Matter – Preparations and Arrival – Millicent Docks the Ship to the Station

A new entry in The Omicron Matter – Preparations and Arrival.  Charles is turned off. The factory is online and has produced two demo models. The ships are ready to dock on the station. Millicent will handle communications as she has a translator and knows the language. Eleanor will be piloting into the station. The crew is now solid

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s note

Where you see <> brackets, Millicent is speaking in a different language. There are different ways to handle this. I like this.  Having ports handle piloting is a common action. From a port’s point of view, better to have someone who knows the waters steer the ship.

I am also using my Nanowrimo time to write this book and to post reprise entries from the Recruiting matter.

Look for more on Friday

Millicent Docks the Ship at Tau Ceti

Felicity sat next to Millicent with her notebook open. Millicent smiled at the earnest look as Felicity jotted down comments in the notebook. Eleanor seemed fully focused on the ship’s control panel.  She turned to the engineering section and John gave her quick two fingered salute.

She took a deep breath and addressed the Tau Ceti station in galactic standard language.  <Tau Ceti Station, this is Canynges’ Folly seeking docking>

The language was guttural and involved hiss and clicks. Millicent was sure her crew would think she had gone mad.  The station replied in the same language <One moment Canynges’ Folly…please assume neutral geosynchronous orbit>.

Millicent said to Eleanor, “Miss Woodson, assume the geosynchronous orbit we had planned. They are checking our credentials.”

Jason reported, “Smith’s ship is assuming a geosynchronous orbit as well.”  Millicent nodded.

Millicent called in, <Tau Ceti control Canynges’ Folly and Uycarran Glory are working together. Adjacent docks are necessary>

<Uycarran Glory reported your association. We are verifying both your ships. Please maintain your neutral orbit.>

Millicent sighed and said, “They run the largest trading cartel in the galaxy and their computer system is the slowest. We will be waiting until they verify the two ships. Mr. McNeil…watch the station. I do not expect trouble. But if they send out escort ships, we will be making a run.”

Jason said, “Acknowledged.”

Millicent said, “As for the rest of you, take breaks singly as needed. This could be a while.”

An hour later, the station called back, <Tau Ceti control to Canynges’ Folly and Uycarran Glory. We have designated you CFM-1 and UGM-1. Your docking zones have been notified. Coordinates are being sent.>

Eleanor said, “I have the coordinates for the bay and I am adjusting.” Eleanor applied a gentle thrust that pushed the ship out of geosynchronous orbit and slowly aligned it with the large station.  As they got closer, the enormity of the station began to take hold. Hundreds of ships were attached to the massive structure. The station was cylindrical in shape but the ships attached made that difficult to tell.  Large ships that seemed to be the size of towns were attached in the middle giving it the appearance of a Christmas cracker. Small and medium size ships such as their own congregated on the ends.

Liam muttered, “Core – busier than Thames in wool season.”

Michael commented, “It is a ridiculous hodge podge.”

Millicent said, “10 species contributed to its construction. That hodge podge reflects 10 varieties of building and design.” She reflected at the large conglomeration and then said, “You have a point…it isn’t very graceful.”

A new voice could be heard now < CFM-1 and UGM-1, this is dockmaster for deck 201. We now require fully automated docking. Please allow dock control for you entry.”

Millicent looked over to Eleanor and said, “Press the bright yellow and red button and don’t touch the controls afterwards.”  Eleanor pushed the button, then looked over at Millicent. Millicent shrugged and said, “Might as well sit back and relax. They will be doing the work now.”

The controls began to move on their own. Millicent said, <Dockmaster 201 you have controls.> She then turned to the crew and said, “Anyone for a nice cup of tea while we wait for the slowest docking in the universe to finish?”


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