The Omicron Matter – Preparations and Arrival – Testing the Modules

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Preparations and Arrival. The factory is complete and two sets of machines have be created and installed. Now they are being tested. Simone is monitoring the results. After a success she hoped for a bit of celebration, but that needs to wait.

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Simone – Testing the Modules

Simone watched the instruments as the shifted out of nether space. Her head cleared as usual. This was the third and longest jump with the demo devices. A second set of demo devices was on Smith’s ship with Rachael watching the same instruments. These two sets were as powerful as the first set devices but had limitations. The reserve of dark matter was smaller and the speed in nether space was slower by 20% with the best tuning. The two ships had arrived at a nearby star. The estimated time of the jump was a bit over 5 hours. Simone asked, “How much time passed in normal space?”

The aristocratic voice responded, “Camille and I are still working on a reliable estimate of outside time. My best estimate based on spectral shifting is less 10 minutes.”

Simone asked, “And our coordination with Smith’s ship?”

“We arrived simultaneously as far as our sensors can tell. That was over 3 light years.  Well done to you and the team.”

Simone leaned back and said into the speaking tube, “Miss Campbell to Captain Morgaine. You can also gather the drones when you are ready.  You also start planning your sales pitch. We have two working models produced from the factory line.”

Over the tube, Felicity relayed, “Captain Morgaine says ‘Simply perfect, Miss Campbell’. And we will be about 30 minutes getting the drones. They have some observations to make.”  Simone smiled and started to get up and head to the door.

Millicent’s voice came on, “I require Miss Woodson’s assistance in gathering the drones, so don’t bother asking. I suggest you spend some time recording your notes. Or finding a good book while we wait.”

Simone sat back down blushing deeply. Charles said, “Shall I bring up a list of light romances?”


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