The Omicron Matter – Preparations and Arrival – Orbiting the Asteroid

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Preparations and Arrival. Simone and others have begun building the factory floor on the ship that will produce the Omicron devices. However, they need raw materials. Eleanor now manages the piloting of the ship on her own and brings the ship into orbit around a small asteroid.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s Note

Getting something in orbit around an asteroid is not easy. Asteroids do not have much gravity. Unlike planets, it takes a great deal of skill and precision to find just the right orbit. Which makes the Rosetta spacecraft by the ESA, all the more amazing.  No pilot to correct there!

Thanks for you support. Look for more on Monday.

Eleanor on the bridge – Orbiting the asteroid

Eleanor eased the ship into a close orbit around the barbell shaped asteroid.  A set of guidelines provided by Charles helped her with attitude and speed.  The ship found its orbit easily. The first time she had tried this maneuver around an asteroid, it had taken several tries before she only managed a very elliptical orbit. Smith had vented his frustration at Felicity through the tube. His asperity had become so toxic that Millicent grabbed the speaking tube and proceeded to say, in colorful terms, how she would manage her own crew in her own way, thank you very much, and if he had half a brain he would be training them just as she was. Eleanor still flushed at the embarrassment but Millicent had said to her afterwards, “That bastard does not give you orders. And you will keep doing this until it happens as easily as falling out of bed. “

Now it was Smith’s ship that was having problems. Felicity reported that Neville Carter-Frasier was trying to make orbit. Eleanor smiled in an odd satisfaction that he was struggling.  After time, both ships were in orbit. Eleanor said, “Mrs. Richards, please pass along my respects to Mr. Carter-Frasier.” She paused and took a deep breath and then said, “relay that it gets easier each time.”  Felicity raised her eyebrow and then nodded in approval and passed the message on. Eleanor envied her capacity to forgive.  Eleanor then said, “Then ask Miss Wiez to deploy two drones to collect iron, ytterbium, iridium and whatever else she fancies. Mr. Richards pass the same message onto Simone…Miss Campbell if you please.”  Eleanor saw Felicity stifle a smile at the slip.

Michael used his own speaking tube and said, “Our Officer of the Day has said you may enjoy your shopping trip.” He looked over and asked, “Simone wants to know if she should pick anything up for you.”

Eleanor shook her head and watched the asteroid surface go by.


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