The Omicron Matter – Preparations and Arrival – Building a Sales Model

A new entry in The Omicron Matter – Preparations and Arrival. The ships have crossed the galaxy and soon will be arriving at the trading station. In preparation of sales, Millicent want the team to build a manufacturing process on the ship.  All the team will be involved, but John will be vital because of his experience and abilities with large engines.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s Note

This started as the space station chapter and I kept having things that needed to be taken care of before Millicent actually arrived at the space station.  This chapter should be shorter than the last. The first portion involves setting up the factory line.

As a note, my long suffering editor (she has now allowed me to use that title) is now suffering a bit. She is not really into SciFi and yet has been carefully editing my story. When the group arrives at the station, they meet aliens.  I have now exceeded her comfort point.

Look for more on Wednesday. Thanks for your support.

John O’Malley and Building a Sales Model

The ships dropped out of nether space. John’s head immediately felt clearer and he began checking the systems on the ship. They were still well away from the galactic trading post. Felicity began her routine hailing Smith’s ship then announcing, “Miss Weiz reports everything is in order and everyone is in good shape. “ Millicent looked over at Jason and Michael and asked, “Position Mr. McNeill?”

Jason replied, “The Tureis sun is 15o to port and 5o below horizon. Estimated distance is 15 astronomical units from the sun.”

Michael continued, “There are 15 planets. 3 are in the habitable zone.  5 are gas giants of varying composition. There is an asteroid belt at the expected location. ”

Millicent nodded to the two of them and then turned to John and asked, “Ship status Mr. O’Malley?”

John replied, “Fuel at 60%. One engine is running warm but everything else is nominal. I am running extra coolant to the warm engine. ”

Millicent said, “Very well. Miss Woodson, contact Smith’s ship and getting us moving sunward and towards the asteroid belt at as fast a rate as possible.  Mr. Richards scan for other vessels – they frequent in this system.  Mr. McNeill scan the asteroid belt for materials. Mr. O’Malley join me in the engine room to talk with Miss Campbell. “ She walked off the bridge at a brisk pace and John followed. They were soon at the engine room in the lower decks.

In the engine room, Simone Campbell greeted the two of them with a notebook in hand. Millicent nodded to her and said, “Well Miss Campbell, what is the verdict?”

Simone looked at her notebook, pulled out a stylus and began to read numbers.  “We used 10% of the dark energy on our longest jump. The lowest we got was 88% of storage. That was because we were interfering with the collection devices. We have accelerated the machines performance by 20% over the course of the journey. With Charles and Camille’s assistance we have managed to keep the two ships together.”

Millicent said, “We should probably work on doing that without their assistance.”

Simone shrugged and said, “If you say so.  Regardless, if they are correct about the current local time, we have only lost a few days during the entire transit.  And that was over the course of 45 relative days.”

Millicent walked around the ring assembly and the consoles looking at them and brushing her finger on them. Then she asked, “The devices work.  I can sell them but you have to build them and build them consistently. Have you and Michael finished the plans for that?”

Simone pursed her lips and looked around the room. Then eyed John and then said, “We’ve got decent tools now. We have most of the materials we need, but we need more Ytterbium.”

Millicent said, “Forward your request to Mr. McNeill and Mr. Richards.”

Simone continued, “We’ll need to build machines to build the machines. These two sets have been remarkably stable and consistent for two prototypes assembled with different tools by different people. But that was probably post-production tuning and luck. If we want consistent performance, we will need a consistent process. And with a decent building processes, the devices should perform even better. “

Millicent said, “Fine…fine. I am usually gone when this part of the process starts.  How long to pull this all together?”

Simone blew out her cheeks and said, “Two to four days for the first machines to make the devices, if I have John and Michael working with me. Let’s be cautious and say three to six weeks  for the first machines because things happen.”

Millicent asked, “Will you be able to produce more than one at a time?”

Simone shrugged, “Eventually, but we’ll need to get one set of assembly machines working first and space on the ship will be a concern.”

Millicent said, “You’ll have all the resources you need for this. Start the work. I’ll send down Mr. Richards.  Call everyone including others from Smith’s ship if it will make it faster.”  Simone started at the comment. John closed his eyes but Millicent said sharply, “It will only be Neville Carter Frasier. The others are untrustworthy.  I know it is unpleasant, but we are facing more difficult times, Miss Campbell. We can’t be too picky on where our help comes from. “


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