The Omicron Matter – The Start of a Journey – Millicent in the Store Room

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – The start of a journey. Millicent is ready to reveal more to the crew. Circumstances have changed: they are well on their way; the devices are working well; and Winifred and Findley are under lock and key. Millicent needs to make sure she has Liam’s support

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s Note

Millicent has revealed a great deal to Liam about her history already. Now she thinks it is time to tell the rest of the group, but she feels the need to check with Liam. I must admit this is hardly the swagger of confidence she started the series with. Events and decisions are forcing her to rethink a lot of her long held principles and that causing the second guessing. I am pretty sure she’ll get that old bravado back.  She just needs the right motivation.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Wednesday.

Millicent  – the store room

Millicent paced the store room. The goods she collected from Earth would return a tidy sum and go a long way to offset the additional expenses she had encountered.  The Omicron devices and licensing were where the real profit was to be made.  She adjusted her tunic one more time. She felt nervous and that was odd. Finally the door opened and Liam O’Hannigan entered with a clean ship suit and freshly pomaded hair.  She would have to work on that habit.

Liam greeted her with a warm smile and sat on a crate. He bowed a little and said, “And how may this humble servant help Madame Captain.”

Millicent clenched her jaw and said tightly, “I have been trying very hard to be less…imperious.”

Liam straightened a bit and waved both hands, “Bit of a josh…just figured ships business and all that. I’d try a bit of formal.  Guess it doesn’t sit well.”

Millicent relaxed a bit and continued her pacing, “I suppose it is ship’s business…mostly.”  She turned and crossed her arms and said, “I need your advice.”

Liam opened his arms and bowed in his chair, “And how can your humble squire assist?”

Charles groaned this time and said, “Oh please…spare me.”

Millicent smirked and said, “You’re right, formal isn’t a good fit.” She straightened a bit and said, “I think it is time to tell everyone else about the coalition.”

Liam pursed his lips and said, “I won’t disagree, but what changed?”

Millicent waved her arms around and said, “We are in transit and stuck on our respective ships. We can’t even communicate with Smith when we are in transit.”

Liam said, “Except for John and Rachael.”

Millicent crossed her arms, “Who are keeping their own secrets from both ships.” Liam simply grunted. Millicent added, “Winifred Stanhope and Findley Brown are locked down. Charles assures me that Camille is most upset with them.”

Liam cocked his eyebrow speculatively, “Enough to make ‘em go away.”

Charles muttered, “Barbarian…However, you guess right. Camille wanted to. Smith and myself convinced her not to.”

Liam looked at squinted eyes at the ceiling and said, “We still have a mess.  When did you find a heart?”

Charles said, “I’ve no love of those two. I’m just keeping Camille from doing something she would regret later.”

Millicent said through pursed lips, “That remains to be seen. But those two are locked down and on bread water so to speak.  They have no outside access and no access to the network.  In total, our risks of information leaks are greatly reduced.”

Liam said, “and a whole lot higher when we get to this station.”

Millicent said, “I am going to trust they speak to no one about the matter.”

Liam snorted, “It ain’t going to matter. Someone is going to figure we’re a bit Tyne[1] after a couple of questions.”

Millicent paced and waved the comment away, “An hour after we arrive, I will be meeting with the first group of this coalition. I expect within a day, I will be selling the first Omicron devices.” She turned and crossed her arms, “I will be meeting with traitors and encouraging economic chaos. Our crew not answering questions correctly will not be the worst of our security issues.”

Liam leaned back and held his head in his hands and said “Your mind is made up. So what is the advice I am supposed to give you?”

Millicent paused and then said, “I am not sure how to tell them. I could have you do it or I could tell parts without the whole.”

Liam crossed his arms, frowning and said, “I won’t be speaking for you. That’s your job. I didn want to hide it in the first place. You get to unhide it.”

Charles said, “Pains me to say it. Mr. O’Hannigan is right. Your veracity will be tarnished as it is. Having Mr. O’Hannigan deliver the message will not make matters better.”

Millicent sat on a crate and then drummed her fingers on a side crate. Then said, “I could leave out portions.”

Liam said, “They’d figure out the rest and wonder what else you’re hiding.”

Charles said, “He’s right again.  I can’t figure out how you only tell part and not have them infer the rest.”

Millicent closed her eyes and said, “Fine…I’ll tell them everything. This isn’t going to be easy. I haven’t discussed this before.”

Liam and Charles said simultaneously, “You’ve never had to.”

Liam narrowed his eyes and then they both said, “But now you have to.” He pointed a finger to the ceiling and said, “You’re doing that on purpose you rusty bucket of bolts.”

Charles fired back saying, “I could say the same you misbegotten knuckle dragging excuse for a primate.”

Millicent stifled a laugh and shouted, “Stop it you two…Charles, assemble the group in the environment lab in an hour. I’ll tell them then.” She paused and said, “I would prefer you to be in the front,  Liam…it would be …easier.”

Liam stood and was about to bow and then saw she was holding her hands tightly and looking him with a tight expression. He moved up to her and said, “Sure lass, I’ll be up front…backing you up. You can count on that always.”

[1] Tyne and Wear – Queer, strange


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