The Omicron Matter – The Start of a Journey – Liam in the Gym

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – The Start of Journey. Millicent is having her team pass the time in transit practicing in the gym. Liam is up against her and succeeds for a moment until Millicent quickly lands him on the floor. Charles helps to reassure Liam that he will be fine against most opponents.

Author’s Note

Liam and Millicent have tussled before and Liam learned enough to not underestimate her. He has been getting better but Millicent always seems to win.  One can’t blame the man for being frustrated that she regular shows him up. But one also thinks Millicent rather enjoys it more with him than others.  This chapter should wrap up next week.

Thanks for your support.

Liam – in the gym

Liam faced Millicent on the gym mat. They were both crouching. Over the past weeks, Liam’s fighting style had changed from trying to throw the hardest punch to using opponent’s efforts against them. It felt odd at first; his hard fists had always been enough to keep him upright. But after a few days of landing on his back, he decided he could learn something new.

He waited for his opponent. Again, he had to learn this, but Millicent had thrown him enough times that he was perfectly willing to wait until dinner. Finally Millicent rushed Liam darting to the side. She threw punch at his face and he went low and threw his own punch low which got a satisfying whoosh of air. He used her momentum to pull her over his back and she landed with a thump. Jason whooped from the sidelines. Eleanor and Simone made audible “ohs”. All of which felt good until a set of legs clamped on his neck and he heard perfectly normal voice say, “Much better, Mr. O’Hannigan. If you are seeking escape, remember to finish the job.” She then pulled him on his back with her legs and bobbed up.

Liam groaned and said, “Ye couldn’t stay down for a moment or two so I could savor it?”

Millicent patted him politely on the shoulder saying, “It’s Mr. McNeill’s turn.” She turned to Jason who gulped as she crooked a finger beckoning him onto the mat while she said, “He took far too much satisfaction at that throw.”

Liam pushed himself up and headed to the side where Eleanor handed him a towel. She and Simone watched the sparring of Jason and Millicent. He headed to his quarters. He asked the ceiling, “Was I even close Charley?”

The aristocratic voice said, “I think the punch surprised her, but the flip was a courtesy on her part. There is a motion that would have reversed positions and you would have ended on the floor…again.”

Liam shook his head and said, “I am hopeless.”

“Against her?…she grew up in a higher gravity and spent years in training and practice. So yes, you are hopeless.”

Liam stopped considering the qualification and asked, “Against others?”

“You will be left alone after the first bar fight. You will be the odds on favorite after that and I intend to bet heavily on the first fight.”

“Crikey…sounds like Stepney on Guy Fawkes Day.”

“Then you know and that is why you’ll be safe on your own.” There was a pause in the voice as he approached his quarters and then Charles continued, “Millicent wants to meet you after she is finished humbling Mr. McNeill and the others. You have about 30 minutes then meet her in the store rooms.”


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