The Omicron Matter – The Start of a Journey – Evaluation

A new entry in The Omicron Matter – The Start of a Journey. The fight is over. Smith and Rachael are cleaning up the gym and reviewing the match. Smith suggests that Rachael should be prepared for worse when they reach the trading station.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

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Smith said, “I suppose I should be angry with you…He’ll soon be as insubordinate as you.”

Rachael said, “He’ll be more valuable. Besides, it’s bollocks. You didn’t fight all out. But, you know what I know. Neville will be working harder at fighting and now he knows what to do in a brawl.”

Smith smiled and said, “True…and I really needed to train him to pilot anyway.” He pointed to chair and said, “I assume there are other tricks for nasty encounters.”

Rachael shrugged, “Probably as many as Winfred’s hand.”

Smith crossed his arms and said slowly, “You will need them…your assessment of the Guild and its hierarchy is right. You are going to need to know how to escape.” He said, “You will start training with me on weapons, full contact combat, and planning escapes in ships and stations. That trick would hold the door, but back up would be close by.”

She said quietly, “There will be trouble, won’t there.”

Smith smiled darkly and said, “Better to plan for it and not have to use it. Call it a family tradition, but I always have an escape planned.” He moved to the door and said, “Now you’ll want to check on the device and get cleaned up for dinner.”

She followed and the doors closed on her chair as she left. She looked at Smith and said, “I may have been a bit abrupt with Camille.”

Smith looked at the doors which now opened and let her out. He said, “I expected as much since the doors stayed closed.”  He looked up and said, “I expect you two will work out something” and waved his hand airily saying, “Camille knows better than to hurt you.”

Camille said in a low tone, “I am told cold showers stimulate the circulation.”  Rachael gritted her teeth and headed to the cabin.


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