The Omicron Matter – The Start of a Journey – A Spar, a Fight or Something Else

A new entry in the Omicron Matter  – The Start of a Journey.  The conditions for the match have been laid out. If Rachael and Neville win, Smith will teach Neville to pilot space craft. If Smith wins, Rachael will be obligated to spend the rest of the journey on Smith’s ship.  As with all fights, it ends quickly. Afterwards Smith asks if Rachael is planning for something else.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s Note

I am still not completely comfortable with fight scenes.  All the reading in the world about sword fights and brawls does not add up to experience. And I did not make it this far in life getting involved in brawls.  Still, it wrote itself quickly which means it was fun to write.  It is an interesting question about how Rachael would defend herself in a street conflict.

Thanks for you support. Look for more on Wednesday

A sparring match, a fight or something else

Smith looked at them, drew his sword dramatically and shouted, “Halt…stay where you are by order of the Guild Council.” Rachael frowned at the phrase but pivoted immediately to left and shot 10 feet to the left. Smith moved towards her initially. But Neville screamed loudly and charged Smith striking high and then low. Rachael grinned at the scream and continued to her spot.

Rachael pivoted back to melee and set her brake. She swung the rope in a circle. Smith’s attention was fully devoted to Neville’s vigorous attack. She swung the weight in a circular motion around her head once. She used the momentum of the weight to sweep towards Smith’s knees. When his legs were tangled she pulled hard on the rope and Smith dropped to the floor with a yelp. Rachael dropped the rope, pulled her brakes off and rolled towards the door shouting, “Neville , the door.” Neville stared momentarily at Smith who was rolling on the floor untangling his legs. He swatted Smith’s rump with the flat of the sword, and ran for the door grinning for the first time since she had seen him on the ship.

When they were both in the hall, Rachael said, “Camille, shut the gym doors for three minutes.”

Camille practically shouted, “I will not do that…Mr. Smith is need of assistance.”

Rachael pulled out a screw driver and a small ball of paste and held them up to the ceiling, “Camille, that door closes and stays closed. You do it or I will and I won’t be gentle.”

The doors hissed shut just as Smith as was getting up. Camille said, “You will find your shower is acting up.”

Rachael smiled mischievously and said, “I expected as much.” She eyed the doors and said to the ceiling, “You’ll have far more fun in the long run mucking with my showers than repairing my damage.” Neville panted a bit and said, “Why lock the doors?”

Rachael rolled back from the door and returned the paste and screwdriver to hidden pockets. She leaned back in the chair and said, “In Stepney, the fight isn’t over until you’ve lost the thugs. I am just playing the game with my rules.”

Neville wrung his hands and paced, “Threatening Camille is foolish. And I am having my doubts about that parting shot to Mr. Smith. ”

Rachael smiled darkly, “I didn’t need to exercise it, besides the damage would have been limited to the doors and I would have fixed it.”

Camille practically hissed, “You wouldn’t dare…”

Rachael pulled out paste and smacked it on the wall and said, “Analyze it.” She turned it to Neville and said, “As for Smith…it was a test and I’ll bet a cold beer you passed.”

Camille said, “Take that off my wall. You both will pay.”

Finally the door opened with Smith standing at the entry way. His sword was at rest. Alfred was behind him with the slightest of grins. Smith looked at the two of them evenly and said, “The weighted rope is effective, but difficult to hide.”

Rachael smiled and patted the chair and said, “Liam taught me that one. I’ve got a few other tricks hidden but they are noisy and leave a mess.”

He looked at the doors and said, “Did he teach how to lock doors?”

Camille protested “she threatened me.” Smith raised an eyebrow.

Rachael pulled out the screwdriver and the blob of clay and said, “John and I worked out how to jam doors substantially. If that ball had been explosive, that door would not open without a blow torch.”

Smith’s eyes narrowed and said, “Just what were you preparing for?”

Rachael said, “A bar fight? Or perhaps a bunch of aristocrats who plan to come to my neighborhood to cause trouble.” She narrowed her eyes and said, “Or a group of people who are afraid of me and can’t stand you or Millicent.”

Smith smirked and bowed slightly. He then raised his sword in salute to Neville and bowed saying, “Well played Mr. Carter-Frasier. It seems your lessons will begin in two hours after a shower.” He looked around and said, “I suppose a brandy after dinner will be in order as well.” He indicated that Neville should hand over his sword and said, “Mr. Redman if you’ll assist Mr. Carter-Frasier. Miss Weiz, join me while you dissemble that makeshift bolo.” Alfred and Neville headed off to the hall. Rachael could see a better bounce in Neville’s step and Alfred was clapping him on his back. She followed Smith in the gym. She picked up the rope and the weight and began undoing the knots. Smith returned the sabers to the racks.


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