The Omicron Matter – The Start of Journey – An Interesting Challenge

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – The Start of a Journey.  Rachael has challenged Smith to a contest with herself and Neville Carter-Frasier.  Smith is intrigued by her bluster and suggests a wager on the matter.  Rachael accepts and prepare herself and Neville for the spar.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s note

So why would Rachael want to have such a contest: Boredom? Test Smith? Put some backbone in Neville?  Frankly, the author isn’t sure and he is willing to entertain notions from the audience.  But the scene was fun to write and it establishes some useful relationships for later purposes.   Let me know what you think her of motivation on this seemingly foolish venture.

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An Interesting Challenge

Smith smiled at her and said, “Really? A dare, Miss Weiz?”

Rachael grinned back and said, “Call it an East Ender tradition. Make a lot bluster and those of us who survive …”

Smith stroked his chin and said, “Are the ones who thrive…You intrigue me. Shall we wager?”

Rachael leaned back in her chair, “You keep us from leaving the gym. If we get out, you will teach Neville to fly this ship.” She looked around at the room and his sabre and said, “I suppose a bit of caution is in order. Standard touches count as wounds. Otherwise, Stepney rules…which is to say there are no rules except you honor the bet.”

Smith said, “I might have trained Mr. Carter-Frasier anyway. If I keep you from leaving you will finish the journey on this ship.”

Rachael winked at Neville and said, “Deal” and held out her hand.

Smith shook it saying, “I’ll have Redman and Carter-Frasier work on ramps for your stay.”

Rachael smiled darkly and said, “I appreciate that, but Neville will be busy with his flight lessons.” Smith chuckled. Rachael rolled over to the equipment rack close to Neville. “I need to strategize with my partner if you don’t mind.” Smith waved at them as he selected a sword.

Neville said in a hiss, “I can’t beat him! And you are going to hate me.”

Rachael said, “Of course you can’t beat him if it’s fair. But it ain’t going to be.” She grabbed three jump ropes and started tying them together. “Smith is fast, but he can only fight one of us – that is going to be you. “

Neville picked up a saber to match Smith’s and said, “What if he goes for you?”

“Force him – attack him from behind. Fuck honor. Get his attention. Quickly if you please.”

Neville shook his head and said, “And what will you be doing while I nobly protect you?”

She picked up a weight and tied it to the end of the rope and swung it experimentally and said, “Giving you a chance to beat him.” She said, “I am going to cut to the left. Attack and keep him tied up. When he goes down, run for the door.” She quirked her mouth a bit and said , “And bob him a good one on the way out.”

“You are going to be miserable and Smith is going to have me cleaning vents for the duration.”

“Bollocks…I am going to spend tomorrow in my bed and you are going to learn to fly. Now give me some space and get at the ready.” She placed the rope and weight on her lap and moved to the mat. The mat would slow her down a bit, but made pivoting easier. She set herself facing Smith and the door and spaced Neville about three feet away. She said in a cheery voice to Neville, “Time for a bit o’ fun.” She nodded to Smith who nodded back.


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