The Omicron Matter – The Start of a Journey – Smith and Neville Spar

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – The Start of a Journey. Finished with her tasks, Rachael heads to Smith’s gym to exercise. Smith and Neville Carter-Frasier are passing the time with fencing spars. Rachael observes as Alfred Redman helps her. At the end, she offers a wager.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s Note

Any long term journey in space will require significant exercise. The body deteriorates in the weightless environment. Plus, Smith needs to get Neville up to working condition.

As far as the writing process goes. I am currently getting the next chapter typed and writing a chapter on time at the trading post.  Things get interesting when you add alien cultures.

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Smith and Neville spar

Smith shouted “Engarde” and moved forward. Neville had a tall frame and a reach to match. But he was no Stanhope or Brown in technique.  He attacked Smith and pushed forward. Smith blocked his initial attacks. Smith parried one attack from the left and spun back on the attack. Neville blocked and parried on the defense. He tried to turn Smith’s sword, but Smith through shear strength resisted the effort and pushed him back. He shouted “Halt…” In a more normal voice he said, “Better Carter-Frasier but with all the subtlety of an ox. Another round?” Neville leaned over puffing and waved Smith off.  Smith pursed his lips in mock disappointment and turned to Redman and said, “Mr. Redman?”

Alfred replied, “If I end up in a sword fight, it will be because my earlier efforts failed.”

He looked at Rachael and said, “I don’t suppose you fence?”

She snorted and said, “I didn’t before and not now.  Bar fights usually don’t have room long pieces of steel.”

He looked at her speculatively and said, “Surely Morgaine has taught you self-defense.”

Rachael lifted a 20 Kg weight a slowly in a set of curls and said, “I had some life training before. However, mostly I travel with Jason, John or Eleanor. We have systems worked out.” She switched hands and continued the curls.

Smith moved towards the equipment rack and put the swords back and said, “Miss Woodson as defender?”

Rachael smiled darkly and said, “She has Neville’s height and Liam has taught her to fight dirty with a saber. Her helplessness at her brother’s death has provided motivation.” She glared at Arthur Redman – the man who murder the brother. He stared back at her, but there was a crinkle in the eyes that indicated a moment of regret.

Smith said, “Interesting. But you are still dependent on others?”

Rachael set the 20 Kg weight down and flexed her arms. She looked at him and said, “I would be a fool think otherwise.  But, I try to be an asset in a scrap.” She looked over at Neville who was set his own equipment down and shrugged and she said to Smith, “You were holding back on the mat just now.” Smith bowed.  She looked over at Neville and winked and then back to Smith and said, “What say you to taking me and Neville on?” Neville paled and coughed.


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