The Omicron Matter – The Start of a Journey – Millicent in the Gym

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – The Start of a Journey. The journey to the trading post has begun. The two ships are traveling together and stopping frequently to calibrate the Omicron devices and trade personnel. Each crew member, including Millicent, is required to keep up their physical fitness. As Millicent works out, she checks up on the crew with Charles.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s note

This chapter (a long one) is the start of a new section in the book. At some point, if I ever find the time to finish editing, I suppose each section will represent a book available for purchase on Amazon.  This section steps away from Victorian England (geographically and culturally) and moves in to hard science fiction almost completely.  I am also hoping to get some new artwork of my own to post with some of these coming chapters.

Millicent  – One Day from Tau Ceti

She puffed as she sprinted the last 500 meters. The ship slipped through the nether space created by the Omicron devices. The ships were traveling as closely together as possible in these circumstances. They would drop out of the empty space of the Omicron devices at verified locations and compare information. This was the second jump into the empty space. The muzziness of the first flight was nearly under control for her. But not totally. Simone and Michael seemed to be the worst affected. Strikingly, they were also affected most by weightlessness.  Simone was researching, with Charles help, the body or muscle sense and awareness. For Simone and Michael, their middle ears were likely culprits. She had her own organs to manage such matters, but the principle was the same. If the causal systems could be isolated, a proper protection could be developed.

She stopped the treadmill and began her cool down stretches. The others, less Rachael, were doing their own prescribed physical training. Rachael was on Smith’s ship. Millicent asked, “Charles – summary of the physical progress of the crew.”

Charles replied, “Everyone is progressing at the expected rate excepted Jason McNeill.”

Millicent stopped for a moment, grimaced and asked, “Is he slacking?”

Charles said, “Not really. At least not any more than Mr. O’Hannigan.  Mr. McNeill started with his own nanotechnology and was already adapting.  The rest are probably playing catch up with young McNeill.”

Millicent leaned over and stretched her calves, “That could be good and bad.  Any progress communicating with his nanotechnology?”

Charles said, “I won’t say ‘no progress’. We exchange ‘hellos’ and the time of day. But his nanotechnogy has no interest in my suggestions.”

Millicent stood up and walked around. She quirked her mouth and said, “If I were negotiating, I would find a way to make my suggestion seem like it was their idea.”  There was a very long pause as she paced the room.  Finally she checked asking, “Charles?”

Then Charles said, “Millicent Morgaine. You are a genius.”

“Why you flatterer…what did I say?”

“First, I have a way to work with O’Hannigan.  Second, Jason’s nanotechnology might not be suggestable, but they are territorial. I just have to figure out how to get them to defend territory I want it to defend.”


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