The Finder’s Saga – He’s back and there is more to come

Busy, Busy, Busy

He’s back, rested, and loads written

Hello all,

For my loyal readers (there are a few of you), I am back from vacation. I have a couple more entries on “auto-post” with the current chapter.  However, I will be back to “live” writing on Friday.  I am still monitoring likes and comments and ready to reply to any feed back.  Some interesting things have happened while I have been gone. I crossed 3000 views on WordPress. I have an advertising campaign going on with Facebook (which works really well) and I have a new audience base – Indonesia. I have almost 15,000 likes or followers in Indonesia. This will have to figure into my story somehow, but that is going to be tricky having never been to Indonesia.  That is what imagination is for.

My vacation was in Ireland and was very inspiring, educational, and provided lots of good fodder for scenes. I did not write as much as I might have hoped as our schedule was ridiculously jam packed. But I did finish another chapter and have started a second. So I have one typed and edited waiting to be entered, one to be typed  and edited and one in process.  There are some interesting scenes coming (especially for techie folk) and another action sequence.


Thanks for you support



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