The Omicron Matter – Goodbyes – Catching Up at the Pig and Cow

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Goodbyes. Jason returns with the group to the Pig and Cow. Jason fills in Stephan, Edward and Candace on what has happened and where he will be going.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s Note

This was the paragraph that spawned The Road Back.  My editor/wife demanded an explanation for Edward’s presence in Dunstable. My saying it wasn’t cogent to the plot held no sway. Such matters must be addressed. I found that a fun read and have linked back for those who may have missed it.

Thank you for your support, look for more on Monday.

The Pig and Cow – Jason

Jason, Candace, Edward Wayland and Stephan sat at a table while everyone else scurried about during the early dinner.  Jason and Candace held hands under the table.  Stephan rumbled, “You and your parents are changing the rules it seems. Sean never was good at following rules either.”

Jason grinned, “We aren’t changing them as much as we are playing a new game.  Even with these devices, I will still be gone awhile. It won’t be sixty years. But if things go well, I might be back in less than a year.”

Stephan said, “Lad, you be careful. Millicent is naïve if she thinks a few upstarts from an unknown planet are going to sway those fossilized turds about ‘Faster Than Light’ travel.”

Jason shrugged, “I don’t think Millicent is naïve about anything. But this is the only option we’ve got left if Smith is even half right. So  …’nothing ventured…nothing gained’”

Stephan said, “While you’re quoting Shakespeare, just remember the Russian proverb ‘the tallest blade of grass gets cut first.’ You better have an exit planned before you walk into that room.”

Candace finally hissed, “Stop it. Jason’s here then I find he’s leaving for good. Now he’s leaving but he’ll be back but after  a year or more. It’s bad enough being on this roller coaster without your dire predictions, Stephan. Can we just send him off with well wishes and hope he is successful?”

There was silence at the table and then Edward Wayland said, “You’re right Candace.  We should be thanking Jason and asking about his trek across the solar system.”

Jason eyed Edward and asked, “Why are you still here? Surely you could get a job in London.”

Edward said, “I am finding the fresh air and healthy food reviving. Besides, I’ve taken a job at Brown’s factory managing the assembly operations and lines.  Chester Carter works under me  or more like under someone who works under me.  I am getting to work directly with  Clarence Brown. The man is remarkable.  I can’t figure out how he spawned Findley.”

Candace said, “Mix up at the maternity ward?”

Jason said, “My Aunt always swore he was a changeling.”

Stephan said, “I’m sticking with his nanny dropping him on his head. The plus side to this whole matter is he will be long gone and hopefully,” he rapped on the wood table, “never to return.” The others raised their glasses and said, “Here, Here”


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