The Omicron Matter – Goodbyes – A Conversation at O’Doul’s Pub

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Goodbyes. Findley Brown has met up with his old school mates.  Having seen the solar system and worked with amazing machines, he has become bored with their prattle. However, the meeting is not without purpose.  If the Guild is coming and his friends are going to be on the right side of things, they need preparation. So he provides a small demonstration

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Author’s Note

Could a small force with vastly superior weapons overthrow the reigning government? The Aztecs, the Incas and the Zulus stand in defense of the premise.  Of course, Cortez and Pizarro exploited the intense distrust and dislike of the local governments.  In opposition to the premise,  stand the Vietnamese who managed to wear down the SVNA and the U.S Army through guerrilla tactics and by winning the hearts and minds of the population.  Then there is the question of “winning the battle and losing the war.” If the attack is sufficiently remote, it will need to be entirely self sufficient as there will be little hope of reinforcement.

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O’Doul’s Pub – Findley Brown

Chester and Cedric met Findley at the pub late in the afternoon. Chester was working at his father’s factory and helped manage an assembly line. Cedric was a draftsman at an airship and machine parts manufactory. He was excited about the opportunities. It was all Findley could do to keep from yawning. John Smith had saved him from this fate as he would have surely followed his fathers’ footsteps by attending meetings and currying investors. He took a long drink and hailed a waitress for another. She took the order from a respectable distance. Findley hinted he was interested in more, but she ignored his advances.  He pursed his lips in annoyance. No matter. He would be back in London soon where he had more freedom.

He leaned back and listed to Chester and Cedric prattle on about work schedules and difficult bosses. When his drink arrived, he lifted his glass and said, “To a new order.” Cedric and Chester looked at him oddly, but they raised their glasses and said, “A new order?” Findley leaned in and said in a low voice, “Gentleman, there are changes coming soon. Changes like you’ve never seen and can’t imagine.”

Chester sat back and said, “Sure Findley. Things have been changing for years.”

Findley smiled at the condescension. He really had been gone for a long time.  He said, “These changes will wipe away the weak minded, soft, mollycoddling, fools who run things now. I am talking about real power.”

Cedric raised his eyebrows and said, “Findley old boy, you are sounding a bit off tonight. What did you catch on that trip to the tropics?”

Findley laughed and said, “Tropics…” he sneered, “You have no idea. I’ll show you something outside.”  They arranged to keep their table.  The waitress looked annoyed, but they had been paying and more drinks were promised. Findley took them to a nearby alley way. He said, “See that crate there? Watch.” The two looked skeptical, but did as Findley asked. Findley pulled out a beam weapon he had borrowed from Smith’s armory. London was a dangerous place and he needed protection.  Smith might have objected if he asked. Winifred helped him make it ook like he took a standard pistol. The strange weapon had a button rather than a trigger. He set a dial and pointed it a wooden crate 50 yard down the alley and pushed the button. The wooden crate started to glow and then burst into flame.

Cedric exclaimed, “Shit” while Chester said, “What the hell?”

Findley held the small weapon in his hands and said, “Imagine having a dozen of these…or a hundred. Don’t stop at the number. An army armed with this and the like.”

Chester said in a low voice, “The army would rule England.”

Findley said in a condescending tone he had heard, “Not just England, Chessie…and the army is coming and more. “ He put his arm around both the men and said, “Now, you can be on the welcoming committee if you help me a bit.”

Cedric looked at the crate and then said, “I’ll all ears Brownie. I’m all ears.”


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