The Omicron Matter – Goodbyes – Findley Brown at the Dunstable Train Station

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Goodbyes. Coincidentally, Findley Brown is on the same train as Jason McNeill. Findley is annoyed at the celebration McNeill is given. All the more so because his father was too busy to show up to the train.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s note

Findley plays a key role in later chapters so it was time to flesh him out a bit. Where Smith has moved from black to greyish, Findley Brown (and Winifred Stanhope) are moving from dark to black hole.  Part of this may be that I have so many characters a simple one is appreciated. At least it is appreciated by me.  A writer that I follow who has some great work, RJ Burress, made that observation that if you have a lot of characters, the plot lines may be diluted so it is best to stick with stereotypes (see Deleted Scenes for a far better explanation). Thank you RJ for helping me rationalize my work with such grace.

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Dunstable Train Station – Findley Brown

Findley’s face burned in anger and disgust as the carriage rolled passed the absurd banner and rude crowd. McNeill, local farm boy, gets a hero’s welcome while Findley Brown, mayor’s son, was be met by a lone servant at the end of the platform. Not even his father had come. He climbed out of the carriage and headed towards the servant and, thankfully, away from the noisy rabble pounding the back of the perturbing  Jason McNeill.  An old family retainer waited with no expression. He gave his bag to Bertrand Grey and asked “Where’s Pater, Bertie.”

Bertrand’s  face squinched a bit and then he said, “At the factory, I imagine Mr. Brown.”

Findley frowned and said, “I sent  a cable about my arrival.”

Grey shuffled a bit and then moved towards the street and said, “and a fine thing you did Mr.  Brown so I could meet you,” puffing a bit under the load of the luggage and the walk.

Findley said sharply, “But no message from my father?”

Grey looked a bit pained as if he had a bit of gas saying, “Only that there was a large order at the factory and he would be home quite late.  That you should take supper without him.”

Findley stopped. The comment hit him in the stomach.  He clenched his fists and then said, “Take my things back…to the house. If Pater will be late, then so will I. I shall be looking up some old friends.”

Grey loaded the bag into the carriage, brushed his hands and said, “And when will sir be returning home?”

Findley closed his eyes and then laughed, “Home? Right…funny that…” Findley shook himself and turned to face Bertrand Grey and said, “I expect to be quite late…you needn’t worry about me…someone else has told me to mind my manners while I am abroad.”


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