The Omicron Matter – Goodbyes – Jason at the Dunstable Train Station

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Goodbyes.  Both ships have practice with the devices and the crews are now prepared to go out into the galaxy. Millicent Morgaine, requires her crew to say goodbye to anyone who might miss them.  Jason McNeill is on the train, reluctantly, to make his goodbyes. At the train station he is surprised by his friends at the pub.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s Note

I am on a desperately needed vacation so I am scheduling all the postings for a couple of weeks.  (Hail to the wonders of technology).  However, I will not have the full chapter posted until I get back. Maybe I’ll get the book home page updated by then (don’t count on it).

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Friday.

Dunstable Train Station – Jason

Jason slouched in the seat as the train rumbled into Dunstable proper. He had been in contact with Dunstable since he left February and Candace had promised a surprise for him when he arrived. But this was another aspect of relationships that he had not yet experienced and certainly hadn’t mastered.  Millicent said he needed to make a proper good bye. Yes, it was possible, even likely that he would be back in two years with the new drives. But a lot can happen in two years and there would be no cables or letters keep the ties going. And, she insisted, he must make a proper goodbye to his foster parents.  The others in the group were given the same task or exempted because of a lack of kin (Michael, Felicity and Liam). Millicent looked at Jason sternly and said, “There is Candace. There is Stephan and Jolene. And regardless, of your Aunt’s mistakes, there is your Uncle deserves better from you…but I am not from around here so perhaps I am mistaken.” Rachael had made her good-bye earlier. Eleanor and Simone were managing the process carefully but staying on the ship. John had flatly refused saying, “I made my goodbye when I left in the middle of the night.  That man has nothing to say that I want to hear.”  Michael and Felicity had no one left in their family.  Liam was spending extra time with Betsy.  Millicent added to Jason, “You family owns a farm…Betsy could retire to green fields and fresh fruit.” So Jason was shamed into saying goodbye properly.

Candace had said there would be a surprise. He had expected her and possible one of the other pub folk to be at the station.  As the train rolled into the station, he was taken aback by the crowd on the platform. Never had he been greeted in such a fashion. The entire pub crew was present. Even Edward Wayland was there cheering as the trained screeched to a stop. Everyone stood under a large canvas banner saying “Bon Voyage, Jason”.  All were waving at the train and when he was spotted the waving grew wilder and the noise louder.  Standing in the middle in light dress was Candace, bright and beautiful and pregnant.


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