The Omicron Matter – A Practice Voyage – A Journey to Neptune’s Doorstep

A new entry in the Omicron Matter –A Practice Voyage.  Jason is scanning the environs around Triton when Smith’s ship releases a drone. This was not on the plan. When Millicent checks with Smith’s ship, Winifred Stanhope says there was no release and Jason must be mistaken.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s note

It is curious why Millicent didn’t push harder. But Winifred is hardly trustworthy at this point.  I have one more entry in this chapter. Note the small drone in the middle of Michael’s sketch.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Monday

Charles’ bridge – Jason

Jason continued his scans of Smith’s ship and the drones as they went about their missions on Neptune’s moon. Michael was gathering the scientific information.  The moon had a slight atmosphere and was snowing frozen ammonia in some places. The thought was mind boggling. Millicent had him monitoring the other ship and the drones. “Practice. In case we see someone we don’t know.” So he was looking at the ship sizes, the energy output and any activity they exhibited. He was reading the same numbers over again only this time it was different. There was a new drone leaving Smith’s ship. Jason called Millicent over and asked, “Are we going to send out a second drone as well?”

Millicent said, “We only planned for the one each.”

Jason said, “Smith just released a second”

Millicent’s brow furrowed and she said, “That was not in the plan. Mrs. Richards, call Mr. Smith’s ship.”

Jason watched the drone move away from Smith’s ship at a fast rate. He said, “The drone will have escape velocity shortly.”

Felicity said, “Miss Stanhope says there was no drone release. Are we sure we were seeing the numbers correctly?”

As Jason listened and watched the scan, it suddenly disappeared. He said, “That’s odd…it’s gone.”

Millicent asked, “Gone? Mr. McNeill?”

“Gone…like it was never there.”

Millicent said, “Charles, run diagnostics on the ship sensors. Mrs. Richards, let Miss Stanhope know we no longer see the drone.”

Jason protested, “But it was there.”

Felicity passed on the message and said, “Miss Stanhope said there was probably a problem in our systems.”

Charles spoke this time and said, “There was no problem with our systems and Mr. McNeill was interpreting the information correctly. There was a drone and then there wasn’t.”

Jason fumed until Millicent said, “Well done, Mr. McNeill. Very accurate reporting of most confusing data.  We are going to want to review it after the flight. I will discuss the matter with Mr. Smith after our journey.”


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