The Omicron Matter – A Practice Voyage – Jumping Over the Moon 2

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – A Practice Voyage.  On John Smith’s bridge, Neville Carter-Fraser engages the Omicron Device field. The effects on his thinking are significant.  However, in a matter of five minutes, the two ships moved two hundred thousand miles.  His head cleared when the field went off and contact was made with Morgaine’s ship

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s Note

I am working on doing some entries from other characters. Neville will have a significant role because Smith is getting short handed.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Friday

Camille’s Bridge – Neville

Neville watched the power indicator rise. He shivered a little as a memory of the collar walked through his head. On this occasion, he would have gotten a full pleasure jolt. No more, thanks to that busybody, Morgaine.  He saw Winifred eye him speculatively. That would have to be enough for now. He read off the numbers saying, “80% power storage. Camille, are ship systems ready?”

Camille responded, “Ship engines are currently at 1 gravity thrust. The systems are ready for engagement.”

Neville listened to the communication device as Simone Campbell made her count down.  He said, “We will engage at the same time as Morgaine’s ship.”

Camille replied, “The light will indicate when to start the sequence…starting now.”

Neville said, “Loops are engaged and rotation is beginning. ..Field is building.” On the bridge, the only indication of the field’s growth were the indicators as the field strength rose.  From what he could tell, the two devices were closely matched. Suddenly a wave of dullness swept over him. He looked at the dials, shook his head trying to clear it and then said, “Field is fully engaged.”

Smith said, “Run for five minutes and then disengage.”

Neville’s head felt like he had been drinking all night, but he watched the timer count down the minutes.  The field strength remained constant and the energy storage barely changed.  He opened a viewing screen to the engine rooms. The loops appeared stopped, but when he viewed his instruments the field was as strong as ever.  McNeill or Campbell or, possibly Winifred might make sense of it afterwards. Right now, if they felt like him, they were barely focused on their tasks.

The timer counted down with Camille sounding out, “The field will disengage in …5…4…3…2…1….NOW!”

Neville flipped the necessary switches. Just as suddenly as it appeared, his fuzzy head disappeared.  Winifred signaled to Morgaine’s ship that they had completed the jump. He looked over his screen and then saw it pop into view suddenly. Winifred announced, “We have contact with Morgaine’s ship.”

Neville said, “We are 75,000 Kilometers from the moon…give or take.”

Smith said, “Reversing direction and applying 1.5 gravities deceleration.” He applied the switches.  Smith leaned back and said, “That was good trial for a first run. Those side effects are bothersome. We will have to investigate those. Miss Stanhope, check with Morgaine’s ship to see if they felt them as well.”


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    • Thanks Shreya. I am glad you enjoyed it. It’s an ongoing story so there will be more showing up. I have only been at this a bit over a year. I’ve been writing longer than that. I just wanted a place to post my stories. And maybe a few people would like them.

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