The Omicron Matter – A Practice Voyage – the Blue Green Gem

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – A Practice Voyage. Millicent and the crew have made it into Earth’s orbit.  After the voyage up, Millicent gives them time to experience space while Smith’s ship catches up. Rachael quickly found the environment to her liking. Jason spent time looking at the planet, his planet, float by.  For reasons he couldn’t explain, his view of the world felt different.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s Note

A nearly uniform reaction of astronauts of any nation is that they view the world different after having been in space. Boundaries disappear and things like deforestation and desertification start to become intensely visible. The fragility of our home becomes obvious. The geologist in me is quick to point out that the Earth itself is not that fragile – it is rather resilient. What is fragile is the balance of forces that allow humans to live.  If we continue our current course and patterns, we will succeed in destroying most of our arable land and deplete the oceans. We will run out of food and chaos will ensue- for us. However, Earth is already adapting with species migrating or going extinct. Gaia’s little experiment in intelligence and civilization will have lasted a bit over 10,000 years and may not even leave a marker for future species to notice.

I have finished a short story on Edward Wayland and in the process of typing it up.  This story arc will be continuing for a week or two more. I am hoping to bring some new artwork for this story line.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Monday.

A Blue Green Gem

Charles Bridge – Jason

Jason stared at the scene on the screen. The ship was oriented so the view showed the planet as it passed by.  According to Charles, Michael and Eleanor they had achieved orbit somewhere over Sweden. The ship systems were checked again and that took another twenty minutes. Now they were floating past the Pacific Ocean.  Millicent and Charles agreed that everyone could release restraints. Michael and Simone reported a bit of wooziness Charles said that was common and he would alert their nanotechnology to compensate.

Rachael burst up through the stair case and flew through the galley squealing with delight.  The time she had spent in the pool suddenly was meaningful as she glided between stations with a simple hand push.  She had freedom that she had not experienced in six months.  She and John took to throwing medicine balls and other objects testing Newton’s laws and seeing how to convert momentum.

Jason gazed back at the screen as his world moved by. The Pacific was dark blue with contrasting bands of white clouds.  A fierce cyclone covered the South Pacific in a huge billow of clouds that looked like so much wool.  Its winds were in excess of 100 miles per hour (according to Charles) and dropping several inches of rain an hour.  The ship was transiting over the southern tip of South America. The Atlantic had its own storms but none looked so large. Charles commented that it was the wrong season.  What didn’t appear were the boundaries he had learned so carefully in school.

Millicent watched the scene next to him. He asked, “Do they all look like this?”

Millicent paused and said, “If you mean a brilliant blue green with vast continents of green and brown, dotted with chains of snowcapped mountains? Then no. Every planet is different. Water seems to be essential to most life, but not all. Most planets are uninhabitable by anything you would understand as life.  We will be visiting a gas giant planet with cyclones the size of your planet.  There are planets so far away from their suns that gases freeze and fall as snow.”

Jason continued to stare out at the passing Atlantic and said, “It looks…I can’t find the right word…awesome? Delicate? Breath taking?”

Millicent sighed for a moment and her eyes seemed blank in thought. She blinked a bit and said, “I think all the planets are like that, but one’s home does seem to be a bit more special.”


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