The Omicron Matter – A Practice Voyage – Into Orbit 2

A new entry for the Omicron Matter- A Practice Voyage. Smith’s ship is getting ready for the journey. Findley Brown decides that he doesn’t need to do all the necessary work and sees a side of John Smith he hadn’t experience personally.  Alfred takes over his duties as Smith removes Findley to explain how things work.

Author’s note

This chapter will switch between the two ships. I am putting up smaller bits after the initial chapter.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Wednesday.

Camille’s Bridge – Alfred

Alfred sat in the galley now open to the bridge. Winifred was at the controls for the Omicron devices and communications. Neville was at the station monitoring the ship and its surroundings. Findley occupied the chair next to John Smith. Smith asked Findley, without looking up from his console, “Have you finished the preflight check list, Mr. Brown.”

Findley was relaxing in the comfortable chair said, “I frankly don’t see the point. Camille can do just a good a job as me and will have it done faster.”

Alfred thought, Findley lad, you are about to find out who is really in charge. Smith turned his face in Findley’s direction and then stood up. Smith faced Redman and said, “Mr. Redman. It seems someone made it onto the bridge without having the right authority. “ He rested his hand heavily on Findley’s shoulder who shrank under the weight and waved easily at Alfred, “Not your fault Alfred. He could have slipped past any of us. I’ll need to deal with our…” he face Findley and said with a sneer, “pest.”

Findley tried to sit up but Smith pushed harder causing Findley to yelp as he protested, “Just Joking…squeal.”

Alfred winced as he saw Smith tighten his clasp on Findley’s shoulder. Smith used his free hand to lift Findley out of the chair by his chin. Smith stared at Findley and said slowly, “No, Findley, you were not joking. You were testing. And as any good scientist knows, you learn more from a failure than a success.” Smith turned towards the galley still holding the dangling Brown and said, “Mr. Carter Frasier, Assist Mr. Redman as necessary while Camille and I explain to Mr. Brown the importance of preflight check lists and, more importantly, who makes decisions.” Findley was gasping for air in Smith’s grip. Smith looked over at Winifred and said, “You will assist Mr. Redman as necessary and take his orders. Is that clear, Miss Stanhope?”

Winifred stared at the purpling Findley Brown and said, “As you say.” Smith released Findley’s neck and he collapsed on the deck. Smith lifted him up, twisted his arm to the back and marched him out of the bridge. Findley gasped, “This isn’t necessary…ow!” as the arm went higher up his back.

Alfred sat at the console and sighed. Then began, “Fuel and Reserve tanks?”

Neville stuttered for a bit saying, “B..b.b. oth are filled.”

Alfred touched the line and it turned green and he continued down the list.


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