The Omicron Matter – The Drones Launch – Retrieving Results 3

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – The Drones Launch. John and Rachael return to the medical lab to examine the rats. The one from Charles’ drone is fine but upset. The one from Camille’s is in far worse shape. From all readings it appears as if the rat had been on a 5 day trip with no water.  But that makes little sense because the chronometers in the drone say it was gone only for a few hours.

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Author’s note

We find out what Winifred is up to. Or at least we are starting to see what Winifred is up to. At the moment Smith seems mostly amused with her attempts.  On an unrelated note, I got a very nice link back from a web novel I reviewed awhile ago – The Arkship Ulysses by RJ Buress. Mr. Buress was very thankful AND he is in the process of revising it. He is also in the process of starting a new novel which I look forward to.

Look for a new chapter to start on Wednesday.

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Retrieving Results

In the lab, Rachael started a sequence on each rat. Her rat, apart from agitation was in fine shape.  He was calmer now and took an apple slice before being returned to the crate. Stanhope’s rat was not ok.  Camille said, “This rat is severely dehydrated and malnourished. If the nano information is correct, it has been without food or water for days.”

Rachael said, “What do we need to do to revive it?” Camille provided directions for Rachael to administer fluids intravenously although it was difficult to find the vein.  With liquid in dripping in, the vitals were stabilizing and Camille said that the nanos had already begun to repair damage.

Rachael said, “You said the chronometer was off by 5 hours. That makes sense given the distance difference. But this rat is starved and dehydrated.”

Camille said, “I tried downloading the sequences from both drones. The sequences from Charles’ drone downloaded as expected and results are what was expected. I cannot find the sequences from my drone. “

At that moment John Smith walked into the medical lab, “What do you mean you cannot find them?”

Camille said, “That memory from that drone has been cleaned along with other significant portions.”

John said, “That can happen without your agreement?”

Camille responded, “If one has access codes, one can make changes. And this makes less sense – the access codes that erased the memory indicate it was Liam O’Hannigan.”

Smith laughed heartily, “Oh that is rich.” And then he said, “Miss Weiz, you don’t trust me. But I wish to prove something.  Camille, please display the monitor on your drone since it landed.”

“That is about thirty minutes of feed.”

Smith said, “Accelerate so we aren’t too dreadfully bored.” The screen began to show the drone.  Stanhope and Brown milled around it like little fast moving dolls. Stanhope could be seen removing the rat while holding her nose.  Smith commented as that sequence passed, “Your concern for the creatures was touching.”

Rachael said tersely, “Things change or I’ve changed. The poor creatures were pulled out of their life, injected with strange substances. According to Charles and based on my observations, they are probably quite a bit smarter than they used to be. But we put them in dark boxes in utterly foreign conditions to a faraway place and then bring them back.”  She paused, “I have a bit of empathy with them.”

Smith chuckled lightly. John looked uncomfortable.  They continued watching the screen as the two figures moved about the drone. Rachael said, “I find it curious that Stanhope, with all her concerns for our health and safety, wasn’t interested in the health of the rats. Wanted them dissected even and that made no sense. Did I miss something?”

Smith said as he watched the video, “You miss very little which is why Winifred loathes you. I suspect her purposes for this little experiment had very little to do with our safety.”  The screen stopped and he looked at her. “Did you miss something?”

John said, “Winifred and Findley milled around the drone the entire time…nobody else did.”

Rachael said, “She erased the memory.”

Smith smiled darkly, “The woman was born to scheme.  But she is playing a game without knowing the players, and that Miss Weiz, is very risky.”

Rachael said, “So you knew about whatever device she wanted in the drone.”

Smith said, “Camille keeps me informed just as I am sure Charles informs Millicent about you.” He pointed at the now still figures by the drone. “She bypassed Camille to erase those codes. That was very clever of her. She will be much harder to contain on our first stop. “ He looked up and said, “Camille, send me a list of star systems within 10 light years.  Let’s find out who saw the drone.” He turned to Rachael and said, “I do hope she doesn’t do something foolish. I rather like her style, but I won’t have her upsetting my apple cart.”

Rachael said quietly with a smile, “Dissent in the ranks, Mr. Smith?”

Smith straightened up and smiled down at her in a tight fashion, “Naïve ambitions, Miss Weiz. I found it useful earlier, but it is a weak spot in their character.  One that others can exploit.”

Rachael said with a smile, “The rat is biting back. Horribly ungrateful of her. ”

Smith walked out the door as he said, “If she has or if she does, she is going to find out what kind of predator I can be Miss Weiz.”


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