The Omicron Matter – Joint Ventures – Working on the Drones

A new entry in The Omicron Matter – Joint Ventures. Winifred Stanhope and Rachael Weiz are working together on Smith’s ship.  The work is nearly done and a diagnostic test reveals an anomaly that Winifred is trying to hide. She claims it is a small, meaningless experiment.  What is Winifred Stanhope up to?

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter – the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s note

I was a little quick to post on Monday and I posted the unedited version of this section. I have updated the page and the post. The changes are most grammatical but there a couple of paragraphs that changed a fair amount to improve clarity. Things get busy and one rushes… Today finishes the section with Winifred and Rachael.  The conversation did not go well to say the least.  At least no blood was shed…this time.

Thanks for your support. Here is the next section (properly edited). Look for more on Friday.

Working on the Drones continued

Stanhope interrupted again, “Examine it thoroughly and report it to me. I will fill in Miss Weiz.”

“Certainly Miss Stanhope.”

Rachael knew that Camille did not like working with her, but figured it was part of working at Smith’s ship. Frequently Camille would only report to Stanhope which made Rachael’s efforts slow. Smith had intervened after Rachael had complained to Alfred Redman.

Rachael eyes narrowed as she looked at the open hatch on the drone, “What are you hiding Stanhope?”

Stanhope replied, “Nothing important Weiz. A small experiment of my own. Nothing at all, really.”

Rachael turned her chair and faced Stanhope and stared. Then she said, “You never experimented…Miss Stanhope. I suppose the idea that you had to fail to learn bothered you…doesn’t matter. You didn’t do anything that wasn’t guaranteed success.  You are up to something.” Rachael glanced at Alfred Redman who was inspecting his fingernails carefully. She then said, “Play your schemes. But if I find you’ve crossed me – crossed us, it will take more than a clock work hand to rebuild you.”

Winifred Stanhope clenched her fists and then said, “I suffer you because I am required to. The moment my…obligation is finished, I will finish what I started in that basement in London. The only thing that will need wheels will be your coffin.”

Rachael stared back and then said, “Alfred, it seems we are done for the day. If you will call a taxi, I will return to the hotel.”

Redman said, “Of course, Miss Weiz. Although I expect if you can wait a few minutes…say in the galley or the warehouse, John may be able to join you.”

Camille said quickly, “I’ve informed Mr. O’Malley that Miss Weiz …is ready to leave. He said he will be ready to leave in 15 minutes.”

Rachael said coldly, “I’ll wait outside the ship. Good day, Stanhope. Camille. I eagerly await the results of your …experiment. Alfred, if you could assist me to the warehouse?”

Redman’s eyebrows rose briefly and then he said, “Of course, Miss Wiez,” and quickly moved behind her chair and pushed her out of the room.  Once they were off the ship he said, “You do not need me to take you to the warehouse floor.”

Rachael said, “No…but I am passing you a message…” and a bit louder,” to Camille.” The running lights blinked. “You are both bound to Stanhope in one fashion or another. I am the interloper here. But if Winifred Stanhope does anything daft, you two will be in a better position to stop it. Camille you will know best what systems she mucks about with. Alfred, you will know best what her motives are. You don’t have to tell me, but for God’s sake figure out what the hell she is planning. Because Stanhope has one master in the end and that is her ambition.”

Redman set her chair close to the outer door and then said, “Miss Stanhope continues to underestimate you. Do not underestimate her.”

Rachael said, “I am worried we all have.”


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