The Omicron Matter – Joint Ventures – A Walk to The Taxi Stand

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Joint Ventures. The two groups have agreed to work together. Winifred Stanhope proposes a test flight using the devices on the drones.  While viewing the test as overly cautious, Smith and Millicent agree. Rachael and John will work on Smith’s ship. After the meeting Alfred Redman escorts Winifred out to the taxi stand and determines her motivations.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s note

My apologies for a late entry. Yesterday was busy in work and exciting in the world. In work, I had the usual meetings, but I am also being asked to write several blog entries. (That clicking sound you heard was my late high school English teacher’s head snapping in double take).  I am almost finished with the next chapter and this one is teed up for publication. I will need to ration it so I can finish the next and get it edited.

Thanks for your support

The Walk to the Taxi Stand

Winifred Stanhope slipped her hands into the muffler. It was hardly needed with the arrival of spring, but it had a bit of style and she could practice working functions on her new hand.

Alfred Redman walked next to her scowling. As they left the building he said, “You were uncharacteristically cautious.”  He leaned in next to her ear and said in a harsh whisper, “Nobody in that room is a fool. I’ve only told you I think Smith has partners. You’ve far too little information for scheming.”

Winifred smiled as she replied, “I would think you would appreciate my caution in such strange technology.”

Alfred stood on the street and put his hand out to call a taxi. He said over the noise of the street, “Normally yes. Your penchant for risk taking is something I was supposed to control.” He turned to back to her as a taxi moved towards them. “But Smith knows you are up to something. That is hardly cautious.”

Winfred smirked saying, “Pah. He expects me to up something. I would disappoint him if I wasn’t. And you can blame Smith and yourself in this. He has hidden something from you and therefore me.”  The taxi arrived. “You think he is consorting with enemies of the Guild. Such information is an opportunity.”

Alfred puffed his cheeks out and then said, “I have only said that Smith has other partners and that Smith is not well disposed to the Guild.”  The driver tipped his cap and asked for a destination. Alfred supplied a hotel near Kings Cross rail station. “Do not cross Smith. It will not end well.”

Winifred patted Alfred on the cheek and said, “Smith is not in charge. I need to work with those that are.  This is no different the Queen’s court…and I want to be close to the Queen.”

He assisted her into the cabin and said, “There is a difference….The courtiers that you climb over to get close to the Queen will gossip. They won’t stab you in the back and they don’t control a fiercely loyal self-aware ship capable of turning most of the Queen’s navy into burning timbers and fireballs in the sky.”

Winifred closed the door and tapped her hand on the ceiling to indicate she was ready. She shouted out the window, “That is what makes this so bloody exciting.”

Alfred muttered, “You’ll get us both bloody killed and that is not my type of excitement.”


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