Felicity’s Journal – A Post from Prague

Felicity Journal


June 18, 1863

My apologies for the long break. Between the honeymoon and training and helping the others out, I just got out of the habit. Millicent’s trip to Prague has given everyone a bit of a respite and I am working on my journal again. Mr. Dent’s story describes the trip over here very well although he doesn’t do the view justice. I’ve never been on an airship before and I was enthralled at what I could see from such heights. I could see from one city to the next as we flew by. And the mountains…oh the mountains were simply awesome. They were like white spires in a field of green and brown.

On our first day in Prague we went to the Astronomical Clock and then to the Jewish Quarter. Rachael was clearly moved although I was surprised that Jews were so conservative. Women sitting in the back away from men!…can you imagine? And Rachael’s head wasn’t covered so I had to loan her a scarf so she could enter a house of worship. I suppose I don’t work about such things with our Anglican church. Liam says that Catholic woman are supposed to cover their heads as well.

The next day, Michael and I dropped Rachael off at the Jewish Quarter and then did our own exploring. We went to the Vysehrad Fortress which has the St. Peter and St. Paul Basilica. The Basilica dates back to the year 1000 and is influenced by Roman architects according to Michael. There are some brilliant frescoes on the inside of the early saints.

We crossed the Charles Bridge with its strange sculptures and had a pleasant lunch at an open air café while Michael sketched. I thought about Rachael and her time. My family is from Manchester I can’t remember as we had any traditions. I suppose there were old songs in church but we didn’t have strange clothes or special food. Maybe that is why it is easier for Michael and myself to leave. Maybe we’ll make some of our own traditions.

Below is a sketch Michael made during our luncheon

Michael's Sketch of Charles Bridge© Nellmac | Dreamstime.com - Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic Photo

Michael’s Sketch of Charles Bridge© Nellmac | Dreamstime.comCharles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic Photo


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