The Omicron Matter – A Working Vacation – Afternoon Prayers

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – A Working Vacation. The tour of the Astronomical clock complete, the group takes the short work to the Jewish Quarter.  Rachael and the others are surprised to see so much of Jewish culture on display in one area.  They take a lunch in a local restaurant before Rachael attends afternoon prayers.

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Author’s Note

I will admit I am splitting this section into two. It was a long read and I get a bit more time to type up the next chapter.I found a kosher restaurant in Prague and  was tempted to list a dish for everyone in the group. The food looked incredibly tasty.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Monday.

Afternoon Prayers

John and Millicent returned Rachael to her chair. The clock maker shook both her hands and said in a heavy accented voice. “You must return after I finish restoring the figures. There is still more to do.” He then gave her a kiss in the European style and said, “And I must see your work.  Few truly appreciate the timings necessary here.”

John answered quickly, “Visit Mordechai’s Clock Shop in East London.  Rachael’s doorbell is the talk of Stepney. It may not be so big…but we locals are right proud of it.”

The clock maker stood straight and said, “Then I shall make a trip to London. I am sure to need materials anyway and I should another master’s work.” Rachael felt her blush by the clock maker and John’s comments.

Millicent bowed and thanked the graying man and said, “Then we shall leave you to it.”  She turned headed north west out of the square. The road was wide and had decent parkways for Rachael to roll on and so she took over her own propulsion. Rachael wheeled next to Millicent. She was a touch out of breath but said, “Thank you. You probably didn’t need to make this trip, I imagine. But thank you.”

Millicent stopped and faced Rachael. She crossed her arms and said, “Miss Weiz. I do need to make this trip to get some vital material. But we would have made this trip regardless. We will be leaving soon and I can’t say when we will back.” She paused and the others caught up. She continued, “We will be leaving all you know and understand soon. You lost a great deal in my service. It is unlikely even my best technology will return you to your former mobility. “Millicent’s voice got quiet as she said, “Despite your protests, you are wrong. I had to bring you here. I had to show you someone of your own that you could admire and someone who could appreciate your abilities like no other.”  Rachael sat stunned for a moment. John’s hand was on her shoulder.  Millicent turned and started her march down the street saying and strained voice, “Come along. There is one more stop.”

As they proceeded down the boulevard, Rachael saw more and more of the dark clad men and women in long skirts and shpitzel hair coverings.  The men and the women tended to avoid each other and Rachael shook her head at the old world traditions.  Finally they arrived in front of a tan building with a tall dark roof. Rachael looked at it, saw the Star of David in the window and said, “It’s a synagogue!”

Millicent said, “One of six.  This is probably the oldest based on the architecture.”

Michael said, “It’s high gothic…1200’s at least…maybe older.”

Millicent said, “I find the Maisel more pleasing to the eye, but it is 300 years younger and redone in a baroque style.”

Michael said, “I could spend a month in this town!”

Millicent said, “You have two days. And you will bring Rachael here to make sure you don’t offend.”

Rachael said, “I doubt the locals will care for me.”

Millicent said, “I think the ones that matter will appreciate your presence. I may be wrong. “ She pulled out her watch. “It is a bit early for afternoon prayers, but I am famished after all that stair climbing. There is a lovely restaurant the corner that will have us served in time for you to make services.”

The restaurant was magnificent. Rachael had stuffed herself with dish of lamb and spring vegetables. Others had been equally pleased. Michael commented that if food was this good, he might consider converting.  John ordered a proper wine and it was a pleasant after noon meal.


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