The Omicron Matter – A Working Vacation – On the Observation Deck

A new entry in The Omicron Matter – A Working Vacation. Michael and the rest of the crew are enjoying the trip from the observation deck. Michael is enjoying the sites but after a couple of hours of standing his legs need a rest. He sits with Jason and begins to sketch in his notebook.

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Author’s note

I have a update program for working with images and photos. So I can take photos and make them look like charcoal sketches. So, sadly, this is a stock photo that has been digitally enhanced.  Since no one in the group has ever left England, I figured a bit of revelry and excitement would be good to portray.

Thanks for your support. Look for more on Friday

On the Observation Deck

Michael leaned on the rail with Felicity watching the English Channel get smaller as the ship moved over Belgium.  After three hours of standing up and more than five hours since they woke, his legs felt like jelly.  But,  he was too excited to sit and Felicity did not want to miss a single sight on the journey.  They were approaching the river Rhine, and even from this height, he could make out the spires of the famous cathedral of Cologne.

Liam and Rachael were staying close to the bar in the middle. Liam said, “Heights make me queasy.” Rachael could see, but the windows were a bit high and limited her vision of the landscape.  So she kept Liam company and griped about the lack of “proper accommodations”.  Michael had suggested to Rachael the idea of a glass bottom gondola. Rachael had brightened at the idea;  Liam had visibly shivered at the mention.

Michael stretched and worked his legs and then said, “Felicity, I am famished and we moving over farm land. I am going to sit and eat a bit. Do you want me to bring you anything?”

Felicity gave him a peck on the cheek and said, “One of the egg sandwiches, an apple and some water, please.” She returned to her gazing of the passing country side. He headed for the bar and said, “A beer, barkeep.”

Liam pulled a pint and said, “I think I understand the big guy back in Dunstable.  I could get used to this.”

Jason looked up from a notebook and said, “Stephan was work at 8 and closed the bar at 10 and cleaned up until 11 – six days a week.”

Liam paused in his drink for a moment and said, “You could let a man enjoy his revelry for a moment, Mr. McNeil.” He sighed deeply and then said, “But a hack is what I should be.” Michael chuckled and found the picnic basket of food. He found a chicken sandwich for himself and an egg sandwich for Felicity. He took out two apples. He arranged a plate for Felicity, picked a flower from the bouquet  behind the bar and brought the plate and a glass of water to Felicity. She looked up from the passing scenery and then saw the plate with the flower.  She smiled and whispered in his ear, “More stolen flowers?”
Michael said, “Whatever works.” She gave him a proper kiss and he returned to the table with Jason and pulled out his own sketch book. It was full of pictures from the Isle of Wight, London and Dunstable.  He took a bite of the sandwich and then set the canvas pack of pencils next to the book and considered what to sketch. He started with a rough sketch of the Cathedral of Cologne from what he could remember of pictures and the distant spire on the horizon.

Michael's Sketch of Cologne Cathedral

Michael’s Sketch of Cologne Cathedral



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