The Omicron Matter – Animus Possidendi – The Walk Back

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Animus Possidendi. Smith and Millicent have finished their negotiations and meet Liam and Redman on the landing of The Duke of Wellington. Millicent is not pleased. Liam and Millicent discuss the outcome of the negotiations on the way back to the hotel where differences in approach arise.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s note

Millicent and Liam have an argument; a spat; a rumpus; a vigorous heated discussion of a moot question.  I had a bit of fun in writing it. I am spreading it out over two entries (a tawdry means of keeping my readers returning).  In a previous entry, I said that in law one has to prove an interest in an object to claim possession (hence the title). Liam further declares his (our) interest in the health and well being of the earth.

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The walk back

After about an hour, Smith and Millicent emerged from the Duke of Wellington. Millicent looked a bit more relaxed, but she still scowled at Liam. Liam stuck his hands in his pockets, rolled his eyes and muttered to Redman, “Twill  be a long walk back.”

Redman said with a smile, “I expect we will both have interesting conversations.”  Redman turned to Liam and tipped his hat, “Mr. O’Hannigan, I will figure out what is being hidden. However, I know who the bastard is in this little three penny opera.” He winked at Liam and said, “And it’s not you despite you’re airs. You shall be hearing from me on a regular basis.”

Liam grumbled, “Can’t wait.”

Millicent arrived, nodded to Redman and then signaled to Liam that he should follow, but she said nothing. They walked for a block before she started, “That was a foolish and ill-considered interference in my negotiations, Mr. O’Hannigan.” The comment hit Liam like a blow to his stomach.

Liam stopped and stood quiet for almost a minute before he responded. In that minute, the sting of the words changed to anger. He continued walking and this time he set the pace. He replied sharply, “I’ll have you know I have had my fill of you…you foreigners for today. First, I am snared into this crazy negotiation team with Redman. Second, Smith tells me to keep my supposed co-negotiator in the dark about the coalition. Finally, Smith asks…asks I say…to consider a position that you probably would have reached after several more rounds of tea and biscuits.  Me saying it just cut the crap out of the way.”

Millicent said, “Don’t tell me how to negotiate. I was cutting deals while your mother was changing your nappies.”


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