The Omicron Matter -Animus Possidendi – Waiting on the Landing

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Animus Possidendi. Liam has proposed a compromise between Smith and Millicent which Millicent has reluctantly accepted. Redman and Liam were then dismissed to wait outside. Liam informs Redman that Smith isn’t being completely honest with Redman. Redman has figured as much, but tells Liam to keep confidence of Smith – things may work better if Smith trusts Liam and trust is in short supply around Smith’s contractors.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Authors note

Liam and Redman should have a great deal in common with their origins and acquired life skills. The primary different at this point is who they serve. Circumstances are test whether they can find commonality.

I did not make my Friday deadline.  So I will try for three entries (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) this week.  I recognize I will need to up frequency of updating but time is still not in my favor. I have the next chapter written and it is current under review (positive feed back so far).  I will put up small chunks to make for easier reading.

Waiting on landing

There was a drizzle outside and by mutual and silent agreement, they found a covered bench to wait for Smith and Millicent to emerge.    Redman said, “Smith is hiding something from me.”

Liam didn’t look at him as he said, “It was obvious.”

Redman asked, “Do you know what he is hiding?”

Liam licked his lips and then said, “Won’t lie. I suspect I know. Smith told me not to tell you.”

Redman put his hand behind his head and leaned back and said, “How very interesting.” He pursed his lips and said, “Best if you tell me nothing. Smith will know and it works better if you stay on his trusted side.”

Liam breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Watch your Union Jack, Alfred. Smith is playing some damn game.”

Redman smiled, “He always is, Liam. He always is.” He stretched and said, “Trust is a precious commodity, Liam O’Hannigan. We are a bit short of it on our side of the street.”

Liam snorted and said, “No shit. What did you and Millicent talk about?”

Redman replied, “Remarkably little of consequence. She asked about last night’s talk. I am guessing Rachael and John have not been fully forthright with her.

Liam stayed quiet for a bit and then asked, “Are we going to able to work together – the groups?”

Redman said, “Miss Weiz and I are in agreement. We have to. Smith will unload Edward Wayland. Neville will have to start producing. Winifred and Findley will have to swallow some pride.” Redman smiled tightly and said, “and I will have to figure out the great secret that Smith is keeping…and why. He might have a very good reason.”

Liam thought to say that Smith’s reason seemed pretty good but held his tongue. Redman stared at him for a moment and returned to staring at the hotel doors.  Redman said, “Something will slip out. It always does.”

Liam said, “Aye. It will. It always does.”



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