The Omicron Matter -Animus Possidendi – Back in the tea room

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Animus Possidendi. Liam O’Hannigan and John Smith return to the tea room after having discussed what is happening. Smith has suggested a compromise between himself and Millicent and suggested that Liam broker it. This something Liam has done before, but usually with far less at stake. And experience tells him, Millicent will not be pleased.

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Author’s note

Animus Possidendi is the legal principle (and Latin phrase) meaning “Intention to Possess”. To make a legal claim on property or other matters, the claimant has to show that he or she has made some intent to possess. For example, by taking a suitcase, one demonstrates intent to possess the contents. Up to this point, Smith and Millicent have been treating Earth as if it were theirs to split. By inserting himself in the negotiations, Liam is demonstrating his (or humans) intent to possess.  I am probably messing up the legal nuances and misapplying, but that is the point I am trying to get here. And if, our happy band of contractors is going to argue in front of the Guild, they better be able to state they “Intended to Possess”.

On a not entirely unrelated note, WordPress congratulated me on having blogged a year. If the statistics are to be believed (and I find them somewhat strange at times), I have had over 2300 views. Felicity and myself have made a total of 203 posts (counting this one).  I currently have 148 followers (go followers) although a few of those maybe vendors for various items and less interested in my story.  How many comments I have is a bit more problematic to figure out because my internal links count as comments as do my replies to other comments (making myself quite prolific a commentator).  I have completed one book and I am deep in a second. All in all a nice ride so far.

Back in the tea room

Liam and Smith returned to the table. Alfred Redman looked impassive. Millicent was still frowning but was otherwise relaxed. Redman asked Liam, “Helpful conversation?”

Liam answered through tight lips, “Not sure.” Then to everyone else he said, “I think a bit of compromise is possible here. Millicent – how much work have you done in the Americas?”

Millicent said tightly, “We will be having a long conversation on the way back, Mr. O’Hannigan.”

Liam tried to remain impassive as he said, “I have no doubt. How much?”

Millicent tapped her fingers on her knee then looked at them as they drummed, “None…It is only developing now and I don’t have any contacts…yet.”

Smith smirked after she said this and she scowled at him. Liam ignored them both and looked at the table as he said, “Smith is willing to accept 35% licensing rights and rights to work in the Americas. In exchange, he will cede Simone Campbell’s and Edward Wayland’s contracts completely.  He will also support you in front of the Guild.”

Millicent snapped, “Liam, stay out of this. This is business between finders.”

Liam tensed but said back, “This involves locals who are being mistreated.” Smith stiffened but said nothing. “We need you two working on the same page in front of the Guild. If this gets you there quicker, it’s our business.”

Millicent was silent for a bit but stared at Liam. Then she turned to Smith and asked, “Not Neville’s?”

Redman now spoke, “Miss Morgaine. Neville really has found a great deal of…reward with our group. I assure you, he is not interested in working with your group now.”

Smith pinched his nose and said, “Edward Wayland is proving more …stubborn than others have in my program. Given time, he would end up pliant. But as a goodwill gesture, I will let you assume his contract as a liability.”

Millicent snorted and then muttered, “Goodwill gesture my…damn blackmail…” Finally she turned to Liam and said, “I would not have to give away the Americas without your help.”

Liam leaned back, folded his arms and said, “Maybe. But it would be something close. We get Simone Campbell and Edward Wayland is freed in the deal.”

Millicent looked at the roof and said, “Maybe. Smith and I will need to review the terms to make sure. Regardless, they will be working with me which will be a damn sight better than now.”

Smith merely nodded.

Millicent said sharply, “If you are finished, Mr. O’Hannigan, I accept the terms as stated but we will need to work on the details. Now if you two will excuse us, there are matters that do not impact the groups.  If you will excuse us, we both will meet you outside the lobby.”

Redman stood and bowed to each and said, “Of course.” Liam stood up and said, “I promised the prig at the front a tip…”

Millicent waved him away, “It will be taken care of. A small cost compared to the rest of this morning.”

Liam winced and then turned to follow Alfred out of the tea room.


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