The Omicron Matter – Animus Possidendi – In the Lobby

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Animus Possidendi. John Smith has pulled Liam O’Hannigan out into the lobby for consultations over Millicent’s objections. In the lobby, Smith demands Liam keep an important secret from Alfred Redman.

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Author’s note

I am still keeping with the Tuesday Friday routine. I need to get some reading online done soon. There are some good blogs out there from some of the people who are following me.  I will keep this note short

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In the Lobby

In the main lobby, Liam snarled, “What the hell is all this about? You’re hiding something and I think you’re hiding it from Redman. “

Smith said cheerfully, “Winifred and Findley have always underestimated the working class…Yes, Mr. O’Hannigan, I have not told everything to Mr. Redman. I suspect Morgaine has trusted you more. And I need you to keep that information secret from Mr. Redman for now.”

Liam crossed his arms and glared saying, “This is bollocks. He’s your own man.”

Smith said, “He was Stanhope’s first and there is too much at stake to trust her sense of loyalty. He does not know about the list. If you do not understand what I just said, do not ask.”

Liam stared at him for a moment and then said, “I know about your list. There will be some checking up to do before Millicent will agree to anything.”

Smith waved his hand once in a chopping motion and said, “I’ve no doubt. But you make no mention of it to Redman and keep this low if the rest don’t know.”

Liam clenched his hands and said, “Then what the hell will Redman and I be asking for? A tea party with the Guild?”

Smith said, “A chance to talk to the Guild and make your case.”

Liam said, “And this jolly coalition of yours?”

Smith hissed, “Forget it exists…at least for now.”

Liam said, “That’s a bit of a two and six[i] mate because the coalition is the only good option for us.”

Smith said, “The ONLY way the coalition has a chance is in a surprise show of strength. If the Guild catches wind of it early, the Guild will start grinding away at it in pieces. I will not chance that. The coalition and your Morgaine will be crushed.”

Liam paced back and forth, “You’re a bastard to work with.”

Smith relaxed a bit and straightened his cuffs saying, “You are hardly the first to say that. Most of my clients say that and all of my contractors do.”

Liam stared at him and said, “You are a real tool. Redman will figure it out himself. He won’t hear it from me or the others. Millicent hasn’t told our entire group yet.  She wanted to verify it before she raised hopes.”

Smith said, “Then our purposes converge. Best keep it that way …for now. But, you are right. Redman will figure it out himself. That will be my problem.” He looked at his fingernails and said, “Now about these preposterous demands of your employer…”

[i] Two and Six – a fix



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