The Omicron Matter – Animus Possidendi – Outside the Ship Leonard.

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Animus Possidendi.  Outside the Ship Leonard. It is the following day. The previous night, Rachael Weiz and Alfred Redman had agreed to Alfred and Liam as liaisons.  Rachael informed Liam of his new role and told him not to tell Millicent directly. Liam was not happy about this new role but accepted it. Before Liam and Alfred meet with Millicent and Smith,  they need to agree what they are going to talk about.

For those who are new to Omicron Matter, the book home page is good place to start.

In this renewed outing, I am trying a slower cadence release of two days a week. In general, I want Tuesdays and Fridays. But I am on a short excursion and I did not have time yesterday.  Among the activities that are in flight around my writing- I am reediting the “Recruiting Matter” I have finished reading the book all the through and I think it is a rather good read mostly. Unfortunately, the weakest portion is the beginning chapters so by the time my writing starts getting good – I’ve lost you all. This is better. This chapter is long as is the following one but the story is taking some interesting twists.

Outside the Ship Leonard

The next day Liam and Millicent arrived at the Duke of Wellington. Liam was in a sour mood after talking with Rachael. She had drafted him neat and tidy into representing the group. Then she told him that he ought to meet with Alfred Redman before he told Millicent. He fumed the entire walk but said nothing to Millicent questions other than to say, “you’ll see.” Alfred Redman was there to greet them and looking neat as always. He took off his hat and said, “Miss Morgaine. You are looking radiant this morning.”

Millicent snorted, “A fine tea and a brisk walk in the morning will add color to the cheeks. I would recommend it to Winifred if she is looking for something to do in the morning.”

Alfred replaced his hat and said, “Should I ever desire new employment, I shall pass your suggestion along. If I am feeling ill-disposed to you, I shall let her know it was your idea.” Millicent laughed as Redman said, “Mr. Smith is in the usual spot.”

Millicent turned to Liam, straightened his collar and said, “I trust you know what you need to do?”

Liam said, “Oh aye, and then some.”

Millicent nodded and headed into the hotel.

Redman put his hands in his coat and leaned against the rail and said, “I assume Miss Weiz talked to you about your new role.”

Liam sighed and looked out to the street and crossed his arms. He said, “Yes. She talked to me. Don’t rightly know why it’s us two or what we’ll be doing. As far as I can figure out, we will just be poking our nose into the negotiations.”

Redman smiled and said, “I couldn’t have said it better myself. There was general agreement that we locals need a voice in the talks. However, it is important that you and I be united. Did Rachael go over our demands?”

Liam snorted saying, “Fine word for negotiations.”

Redman waved a hand irritated saying, “Our needs then…”

Liam held up his own hand and raised three fingers saying, “First, we get a place at the table when our planet is at stake. We get a say in who or what is managing us. We’ll accept management if we have to, but we want a say. Second, Millicent and Smith will need to define work rules and how we are going to work together. If there are disputes, you and I will work out a solution. Third,” Liam pulled out a paper and read with care, “the engineers need a contract for ‘jointly discovered knowledge’.” He said the last very slowly.

Redman smiled thinly and said, “Maybe I will handle that last one. We aren’t to leave the table until they agree to our…needs. Ready?”

Liam puffed his cheeks and shook his head and said, “Don’t know if I can be ready for this, but let’s get it over with.”


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