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The Finder’s Saga gets an award



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In a complete surprise, Mitch Teemley give me The Creative Blogger Award. In some very nice words he said, “a very nice story” and “Victorian Steampunk – addictive storytelling”.  Timing of this was less than ideal – my tux is at the tailor (too many tea cakes apparently), allergy season is in full bloom, and I haven’t posted anything in over a month (a vast conspiracy of work, life events , and writers block). So getting the nomination was a big surprise.   One could say that I am so creative I got it in spite of my current dry spell. Or, more likely, there is so much to read on my site that Mitch hasn’t caught up.  Or maybe Mitch has caught up and was trying to nudge me forward.  Regardless, I am simply squeeing in excitement (which is not something to behold in a mid-fifties male).

The Wishing Map

The Wishing Map

Mitch Teemley gave me The Creative Blogger award as a part of his winning the award. Mitch is a writer of many things including an exciting story called The Wishing Map. The Wishing Map started as a children’s show and Mitch just kept following the idea into many wondrous lands.   The Wishing Map follows the adventures of a boy and a girl at an awkward age that don’t quite fit in their current lives and find themselves in a strange world.  Mitch offers questions at the end of each chapter. At the end of each segment are a set of questions as if you might be reading the story to your child before bed and you wanted to talk about them.  I have found them fun, thoughtful and touching at many points. Mitch has other entries in his blog which are equally thoughtful and touching.

Acceptance Rules

In accepting this award, I agree to the rules. There are always rules (except in “The Lord of the Flies” and we saw how well that went).

According to the rules, I am honor bound to:

  • Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you  — Done and Done.
  • Share 5 Facts About Yourself to your readers — See below
  • Nominate other blogs and notify nominees — See below
  • Tell the nominees these rules — See, um, these Rules — that I’ve written here – above – right, whatever.
  • Five facts about myself that you may not know (and are not in my About section)

Five Facts About Myself

  1. I studied geology at UC Berkeley and nearly completed a masters in geochemistry at University of North Carolina. My thesis was on “Trace Elements of Miocene Volcanic Rocks in the Mojave Desert as Indicators of Basement Rock”. I was quite the wizard with a microscope and rocks. And I was quite versant in radioisotope geochemistry. Sadly, unfortunate circumstances conspired such that I did not actually get the sheepskin for the work done.
  2. Following that soul crushing set back, I got a teaching credential and taught middle school science for 10 years and found I was rather good at it. The eight years of studying rocks was virtually useless in this endeavor save for my years as a TA and an ability to quickly read highly technical articles and distill them into plain English. I devoured the Encyclopedia Britannica learning about botany, human anatomy and evolution. I was quite successful in getting my students ready for the rigors of high school science. Several have gone on to careers in medicine and engineering. Once was “Johns Hopkins Young Scientist of the Year” and credited me with her inspiration (blush).
  3. I currently work as a software consult which is remarkably boring but quite lucrative and parents do not complain to me about grades. The upside is that I spend 20 to 50% of my time having to learn things I didn’t know so that I can converse with my clients cogently. (That ability to quickly read highly technical articles and distill them into plain English…again.)
  4. My wife and I have no kids, but on weekends (and a couple of weeks), I am advisor to a church youth group. For reasons that defy rational explanation, I have become the “Games King.” (That ability to desperately search the web for something new that I can organize in less than 20 minutes comes in handy.) In a quirk of my denomination, as a youth advisor, I also get to fantastic course on healthy relationships, healthy sexuality, and acceptance. (note the diversity characters in my writing) More than a few eyebrows in my family raise when I describe the course.
  5. My wife, of almost 30 years, has made me a food snob and a decent cook. I cook two to three times a week. We bottle our own salsa, BBQ sauce, Thai hot sauce and jams. I smoke a mean tri tip and my gumbo is “to die for.”

My nominated blogs – In No particular order

Mitch would be on this list, but then we would get in a recursive “if-then” and we would both run out of people to nominate.

  1. Danu Station SciFi Shorts – A great character driven sci fi series. Shauna make story entries in “bite size” pieces that compel one to keep coming back. She can be credited (or blamed) for me breaking up my stories into smaller chunks.  Start with the “Story So Far” to get to the beginning
  2. The Realm of Jacky Clothide – Paul Gies has written several long stories of humans entering into space. Start with “The Road to Blue Horse”. I am really impressed with his “hard sci fi” detail. He really makes relativistic travel makes sense. His ideas of life on other planets is spot on.
  3. Cicumambient Scenery – a great serial science fiction story – The Forgotten.  The opening leaves one scratching one’s head – and I mean that in a good way.  Clint Westgard does an excellent “slow reveal” and builds to a great high tension. The story is on going so jump in any time.
  4. Leigh’s Wordsmithery – an excellent writer’s blog with a bit of poetry, flash fiction and good story telling. I really enjoyed her serial story “Undelivered Valentines” which was combination detective and thriller.
  5. RJ Burgess  – Has a great dramatic Sci Fi story – The Arkship Ulysses that is of epic portions.  His writing is thoughtful and brings in ideas of injustice in the world
  6. One Lazy Robot – Anthony Vicino probably has enough these nominations to light an internet fire. His blog is a combination of reviews and very useful advice for the new writer such as myself. What grabs me is that he has an incredibly funny style of writing. Very little is taken seriously and that is ok by me.
  7. If all else fails…use a hammer  – Kokkie also has plenty of these, but I find his self deprecating style entertaining and he is very knowledgeable in writing.
  8. But Maybe She Wheel – When I started writing the Omicron Matter and one of my characters found herself in a wheelchair, I needed information. As an able bodied person, I could only guess at the challenges life throws up for a person who is suddenly disabled. J. Rhodes is a person who found herself in this position and has been blogging about her life around Europe with her husband. Her relentlessly positive attitude to life; her effort to do things as paraplegic that some us able bodied folk wouldn’t try; her willingness to share  life’s frustrations serve as an inspiration to us all. She has more awards and honors than I can count and this will probably be lost in the muddle, but I am grateful for her life’s work.

With the rules met, I will work on getting my next chapter posted. Thank you all for your support.


3 thoughts on “The Finders Saga Wins – Creative Blogger Award

  1. You are too kind, Syd. I had missed you for about that month or so and wondered if I literally had missed your posts or if you hadn’t been posting, but, then, it coincided with some self-enforced down time for me and the family here (in addition to allergies, we’ve shared colds). It’s fascinating to get a glimpse into the person behind Millicent, Jason, et al. Perhaps there’s a way to combine geology or geochemistry and computer work? In any case, I’d love to have the scientific ability that you have; the precision required for such technical (STEM) trades and teaching, for that matter, shows in your fiction writing. I think if I’d found your work (Finder’s Saga, The Omicron Matter) tabula rasa somehow without benefit of your “About” page, I’d have presumed you were a scientist or in some technical field, owing to the conciseness of your plotting and character developments. There’s a lot to ponder here with your nominations, and I am thankful for your vote of confidence, Syd. Here’s also a congratulations to 30 years of marriage; coincidentally, my anniversary is tomorrow, but we haven’t been married 30 years yet (although we met 20-plus years ago now). Quick question: did you get inspired for the character name John Smith from Doctor Who? Just a curiosity I’ve had and don’t recall your addressing that anywhere on the blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • John Smith was originally “The Intruder” or some other vague name like that. However, at some point I decided I needed to write a chapter from his point of view and that construct became cumbersome. I needed a name and I needed one quick. As it turns out there was a bit more thought. Millicent Morgaine is clearly a reference to Authurian legends. John Smith had his name because it was so common and less likely to be noticed. And, Millicent noted in one of the chapters, it lacked imagination just like it’s bearer.

      I’ve enjoyed your blog and look forward to more writing.


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