The Omicron Matter – A Second Meeting – Arrival at the Meeting Place

A new entry in The Omicron Matter – A Second Meeting. Millicent and Liam arrive at the meeting place for the second day. Alfred Redman, again, is there to greet them. And, once again, Millicent leave Liam outside with Redman. The two have a conversation about matters at hand.

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For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Arrival at The Meeting Place

The rain and the sleet of the day before had given way to sunshine and cold. Icicles hung long from roofs and ledges. The rigging of ships on the wharf glistened in the sun.  Liam’s breath came out in great gouts of steam as they walked along the road. He and Millicent walked at a leisurely pace.

At the hotel, Alfred Redman greeted them grinning mischievously. Liam muttered, “He seems chipper for someone one facing the apocalypse.”

Millicent said, “Maybe Rachael’s talks went better than Smith and mine.”

Liam grumbled and Millicent left him with Redman once again. At least it wasn’t raining today.

After Millicent left, he heard Redman say, “She’s right. I think our talks last night went better than theirs.”

Liam looked over at Redman and said, “I’m bored and we have time…why do you think yours went better?”

Redman leaned back on the rail and said, “My first goal was to get to the point of working together in some fashion.” Liam snorted, but Redman held up a hand and said, “You know what’s happening. If we don’t end up working together, do you think any of this will be left?”

Liam looked around.  Then he said, “not sure it will be if we do.”

Redman said, “I’ll take long odds instead of no odds.”

Liam crossed his arms and frowned saying, “You’re worse than Charles and John  with your logic.”

Redman laughed and said, “I will take that as the compliment of the day.” He rummaged in his long coat and pulled out a deck of cards and said, “Care to play while we wait?”


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