The Omicron Matter – A Second Meeting – Back At the Hotel

Created by Anita Tabaczkikewicz

Created by Anita Tabaczkikewicz

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – A Second Meeting.  It is after the meeting between Millicent and John Smith. It is after Rachael and John O’Malley returned from their meeting. Millicent has been hiding in her room most of the day save to send Rachael off. Liam finally confronts her about how her negotiation went.

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Author’s Note

This is a shorter chapter but has some interesting plot developments. I should not that have well passed the 2000 views mark and yesterday was quite busy despite a late posting.  I am still finding keeping ahead a challenge. I am also reviewing The Recruiting Matter and that is taking some time. Thanks for people’s loyalty and attention. I appreciate all feed back. ‘


At the Hotel

Millicent had locked herself in her room after her meeting with John Smith.  She had not done that since telling Mordechai about Rachael’s injuries. The hours crept by. John and Rachael returned and reported their meeting but she remained in her room. Slowly, people retired to their rooms. Liam had remained in the lounge stubbornly.  He knocked on her door and asked, “Join me for a night cap?” Initially there was no answer. Then she came out looking drawn. Liam commented as she passed him to the lounge, “Tain’t healthy when you lock yourself away.”

Millicent stopped but did not turn around and said, “I’ve gotten along fine without a minder for a very long time, Mr. O’Hannigan. I don’t need one now.”

Liam closed her door and said to her back, “I ain’t being a minder. I’m being a friend. Ask Charles for the definition.”

The notebook commented,

  1. A person one knows, likes and trusts
  2. A person who one knows; an acquaintance.
  3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade

Millicent tapped the notebook and said, “Enough, Charles.” She turned to Liam and said, “I suspect you two would hit it off eventually. You are too much alike…”

Her further comments were drowned out by  the notebook protesting, “No call for insults…”

Liam stayed quiet for a moment and said, “I’ll let the last one pass because what he said before was true. You’ve got friends, Miss Morgaine.  Smith doesn’t. And right now I am hoping you are ready to test that ‘trust’ part of the word.”

Millicent sat in a chair and placed the notebook between them. She asked the notebook, “Charles, how much does he know?”

The notebook said, “just about everything.”

Liam added, “Except what you’re thinking.”

Millicent slumped back in her chair and said, “There are no good choices left.”  Liam got up and poured out whisky in two tumblers and handed one to her.

He asked, “How bad are the ones left?”

Millicent waved a hand up in the air and said, “Oh let’s see. I just walk away and the Guild sucks your planet dry and I get nothing. Or I deal with Smith and the Guild sucks you dry except what I can preserve and I get a tidy profit.  I suppose I could not negotiate with Smith and the Guild fights me.  I lose everything and the Guild sucks your planet dry.”

Liam snarled, “The bastard’s sold us out.”

Millicent was quiet. Then she said, “That is what is strange. I don’t think he wants to. Oh he gets a piece of the pie. But he is negotiating because he is being forced.  I am not sure it was his idea to set up trade here.”

Liam said, “Tain’t nothing you can say to change matters?”

“Smith is right. They haven’t changed their minds in decades. Centuries maybe. I will try, but it is doubtful.”

Liam was quiet for a bit took a drink.  Millicent had closed her eyes. He asked, “When you go to the bridge; when you hide in the room  …does it help?”

Millicent smiled warmly, “Maybe yes; maybe no. Sometimes it is nice to see my home. It reminds me of happier times.”

Liam asked, “You going back tomorrow?”

She took a deep breath and said, “I don’t’ have much choice. Negotiation for some preservation seems to be all that is left.”


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