The Omicron Matter – Under Flag of Parley – At the Duke of Wellington (pt1)

A new entry in The Omicron Matter – Under Flag of Parley. Rachael and John arrive at the Duke of Wellington pub. Alfred Redman is waiting for them with Edward Wayland.  Introductions are made and Redman gets a surprise.

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Author’s note:

This is the first day back after my “weekend” from posting. I’ve finished writing the next chapter so I hope to have it typed and reviewed by the time I finish posting this chapter (I have one more entry in this chapter.) My history certainly shows that everyday posting gets more readers, but I really do have a day job and I don’t always have time to write.  This section is challenging. My editor needs some persuasion that I am headed in the right direction with Alfred Redman.  I am curious if readers will agree.

At the Duke of Wellington

Rachael and John arrived at the Duke of Wellington and John maneuvered her into the pub past the ubiquitous stairs. At least the door was wide enough for the chair to pass and she could be worked up the stairs while still sitting.

Inside, she and John looked around. John spotted the dapper Alfred Redman first who waved them over. People parted for her chair moving towards Redman. Once or twice John asked in as polite a fashion as someone 6’ 3” and 16 stone of solid muscle could to ignorant souls that they should move.  When they arrived, Rachael found the table a practical height: low enough she didn’t feel like a child and high enough her chair could slip under conveniently.

Redman greeted them warmly saying “Miss Weiz,  I knew you would take me up on the offer. And Mr. O’Malley! This will promise to be an interesting evening. Mr. O’Malley, surely you remember Edward Wayland?” Redman gestured to the seated man at the table who now struggled to get up. He seemed bent with age even though he was no older than Rachael or John.

Edward Wayland waved half barely raising his hand saying, “Hello John. Seems you came up roses.”

John stiffened and said, “No thanks to you.”

Wayland sighed and looked away, saying, “No…no thanks to me. I’ve come to regret that. But, all things considered, perhaps it was for the best.”

John looked at Edward’s neck where the mostly hidden collar was hidden by a tie. John said quietly, “It’s hard to tell where alternate paths would go. I can’t argue with that statement. This job is working out nicely. I’m not sure it would have been available …otherwise.”

Alfred Redman said, “Well, perhaps we can reminisce later. I’ll buy the first round.”

Rachael said, “You arranged this little party. I’ll buy the first round – I insist.”  She looked around for a waitress but could not been seen. Rachael returned to Redman and said, “There is one matter. A private one – Mr. Redman.” Rachael waved her hand to indicate he should get closer so she could whisper. When he had leaned over, Rachael grabbed his lapel with one hand. With the strength of pushing herself around for months, she smacked him. She snarled “Simone and Eleanor send their regards.” She threw him into his chair. She turned to John and said, “See if you can get a waitress’ attention, I need a drink.”

John suppressed a smile and said, “You have the entire pub’s attention at this point.” He raised his hand at a leery waitress indicating drinks were wanted.

Redman rubbed his chin and straightened his collar. He attended his sleeves and said, “I had hoped for better from you, Miss Weiz.”

Rachael said, “I am buying your drinks. Simone and Eleanor are barely speaking to me and I can’t say I blame them.”

Wayland raised his nearly empty glass to Rachael and took a drink. Redman looked at him darkly and Wayland quickly lowered his glass.  Rachael saw the interaction and said, “Mr. Redman. I agree we should talk. And I think it is simply marvelous that you’ve brought along Edward. I can’t fathom the thinking behind that. But I will now lay out my first condition. If you use that abominable device in my presence, all your good will is lost. I will leave.”

Redman stared at her for a moment, “You just smacked me and you talk of good will.”

Rachael smiled brightly, “I really do want to have this conversation. If I didn’t, I would have had John here hit you.” John leaned back and cracked his knuckles.


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