The Omicron Matter – Under Flag of Parley – At Millicent’s Hotel

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Under Flag of Parley.  Rachael has decided to meet with Alfred Redman and Millicent agrees with the choice.  This is upsetting to the rest of the crew. It is one thing for Millicent to negotiate with Smith, but Rachael negotiating with Redman feels like a betrayal. But communications between the groups will need to begin in some fashion. John O’Malley will be joining her in case things get difficult.

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Author’s note

The team took Millicent’s decision to negotiate with Smith grudgingly. Rachael negotiating with Redman is a different matter. There has to be some bitterness and resentment. But I’ve got to figure out a way to get the two in the same room without a brawl and this seems the pathway. I will be taking two days break. I am hoping Felicity can come up with a journal entry and I have another book review to add to keep interest going. I need some time to finish out coming chapters. I am about 1/3 the way through rereading “The Recruiting Matter”. When that review process is finished, I am debating how best to “rerelease”. I am open to suggestions.

At Millicent’s Hotel

Liam shouted at Millicent, “You can’t be serious about letting them go!”

Millicent studied her notebook and replied calmly, “Rachael explained it well. Redman is right. The teams will have to cooperate. And John is a fine strapping young lad, who when properly motivated, could throw Redman across the room.”

John looked up and coughed into his hand, “Don’t know about that.”

Rachael smiled beatifically and said out of the side of her mouth, “I’ve seen you shift engines that weigh more the Redman.”

John said back out the side of his mouth, “Engines don’t fight back.”

Millicent continued to Liam and said, “And in a pinch he can throw Rachael over his shoulder and bull his way out of trouble.”

John said brightly, “Now that I can do.”

Rachael hissed , “If he does that…”

Liam countered, “The man is a monster. He killed Eleanor’s brother and took turns with Eleanor and Simone.” He looked in the direction of Eleanor and Simone and shrugged helplessly, “Sorry misses”

Eleanor shrugged and Simone’s eyes burned but neither said anything.

Millicent looked up at him and said, “All this Rachael and John know and Mr. Redman knows they know. Unpleasant. Distasteful. Nevertheless, he is the only person on the other side who is willing and , I dare say, capable of meeting with us.  Felicity damaged his charge and Winifred Stanhope only stays in check because of Smith and Redman.  Mr. Brown can’t stand the sight of any of you for existing.” She looked around the staring group.  “And Redman sees that we will need to cooperate.”

Liam sputtered and walked away. The rest of the group stared at Millicent, Rachael and John. Rachael looked at Eleanor and Simone and said, “I won’t forget what he did. But someone besides Millicent and Smith have to talk. There is too much at stake now.” Simone hurried away dabbing her eyes. Felicity and Michael followed. Rachael felt a lump in her throat but said nothing more.

Eleanor came over and said in a tight voice, “I can agree and still think it is wrong.” She turned to John and said, “I want to hear every word he says. I’d say kill him if you could. But that would upset Millicent’s talks and probably just make things worse for the rest of us. I can see the stakes are too high,  but let him know I haven’t forgotten.”

Rachael smiled darkly, “Oh I have that planned already”



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