The Omicron Matter – Under Flag of Parley – At the Ship Leonard Hotel


John Smith In front of his house. Created by Anita Tabaczkiewicz at

John Smith In front of his house. Created by Anita Tabaczkiewicz at

A New Entry in the Omicron Matter – Under Flag of Parley. Alfred Redman meets with Liam O’Hannigan and drops off an invitation for Rachael Weiz.  Liam is reluctant to take it, but he knows Rachael has already tacitly agreed to this.

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Author’s Note

The Ship Leonard is a real hotel in Southampton.  Also I am having to double check my character profiles to make sure I am consistent. My long suffering editor thinks I may be bending rules. I am not certain, but I understand her thoughts.  I will be curious if others think I may be getting soft on characters.

At the Ship Leonard Hotel

John Smith came out of the inn before Millicent Morgaine. Alfred could not read his features other than he was relaxed. Smith told him, “Come along, Mr. Redman.” Smith nodded to the glowering Liam O’Hannigan and said “The first round of negotiations has finished and we both need to consider our positions.”

Alfred said, “Certainly, sir.  A moment though. I need to speak with Mr. O’Hannigan.”  Smith looked annoyed but waved him on.  O’Hannigan looked surprised. Alfred pulled an envelope out of his coat and said, “I have a note for Miss Weiz.”

O’Hannigan snarled, “Why would she take anything from you?”

Alfred grinned and leaned in and said quietly, “Because she said she would. I think a meeting of the children is in order whilst the adults discuss bigger issues. I suggested a time and place for tonight – herself and a guest. I will be accompanied as well.” Alfred leaned back.

O’Hannigan said, “I don’t trust you.”

Alfred straightened his coat and replied, “We’ve shot each other. Battered each other and worse.  You and I might have worked on different sides of the river, O’Hannigan. But we both know the underside of London. You shouldn’t trust me. I wouldn’t trust you in a dark alley.” He held the envelope out. “This isn’t a dark alley. It is a respectable pub in a nice district of Southampton. We’ll be working together. Might as well start building a bridge. I suspect Miss Weiz understands that.”

O’Hannigan snatched the note and said, “She’ll be armed.”

Alfred held his lapels and said, “As will I. It’s a dangerous world.”

And he turned back to Smith who snapped, “What the hell was that about?”

Alfred looked at him and said, “I’ve invited Rachael Weiz to a pub crawl.”

Smith turned to stare at Alfred and then burst out laughing, “Winifred will be livid.”

Alfred remained expressionless, “Miss Stanhope will not be going and she and I have discussed the matter already.” Alfred rubbed his chin, “She was not happy, but she never did like to take her medicine. I suspect some level of cooperation is in our interest.”

Smith gestured down the walkway with his cane and said brightly, “Mr. Redman you are wasted in this world.  Will you be going alone?”

Alfred  scratched his neck and said, “This is the tricky part. I think the best person is…” and made his suggestion. Smith snapped “no” and said Alfred was crazy. Alfred explained further as they walked. Smith finally relented waved his hands saying, “Fine…take whoever you want. But you pay for damages and loss.”

Alfred smiled and said, “I always have.”


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