Felicity’s Journal – Honeymoon on Isle of Wight

Journal March 13, 1863

Hello all and sorry for the missing postings. It has been a whirlwind the past few weeks. Michael and I are on the Isle of Wight on our honeymoon. Millicent said it was a wedding gift. We spent the first few days in Ryde. Michael spent his time drawing and painting some along the Ryde Pier. I have done shopping and had tea along the shoreline. Right now we are in East Cowes. It is winter so the Queen isn’t in residence, but Norris castle is beautiful and the shops are lovely. We took a carriage ride yesterday to see Carisbrooke Castle. I told Michael the history as we walked the grounds. It was originally built by the invading Normans. The French tried to attack it in the 1300’s but failed. Charles the First was held here before his execution. Michael is impressed at how good a shape it is in for its age. We are going there again today and tomorrow because he wants to sketch some of the features.

Eleanor sent us a cable letting us know that Millicent has started negotiations and Rachael has her own going as well. It seems we are fated to work with that detestable group. I might be able to manage, but I am not so sure about Michael who still threatens to kill Neville Carter-Fraser. Eleanor sent her best wishes and I will try to focus on enjoying our private time.

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