The Omicron Matter – Negotiations Begin – Tea and Postions

Created by Anita Tabaczkikewicz

Created by Anita Tabaczkikewicz

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Negotiations Begin. Millicent joins John Smith for tea.  The discussion is friendly despite the past hostility.  Each discusses their positions. Both realize that those positions will have to move.  But this is how these things start.

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Author’s note

I got a little behind on managing navigation. I have updated the book home page with chapters and links so visitors can now navigate to all the posted chapters. I also updated the navigation on the chapter pages (the latest chapter pages were behind on that).  On a side note, I passed the “2000” views line a couple of days ago.  For some that probably seems small, but I just started this last year and I don’t have that many followers. So…yeah book!

Tea and Positions

The young uniformed lad parted a pathway through other patrons and they arrived at an open dining area similar to the Savoy back in London. The Maître’d nodded to the bell hop. Millicent handed the boy a coin and he tipped his hand to his pill box cap.  The Maître’d led her to a booth next to a window overlooking the street and wharf.

Smith was at the table reading a paper. He rose to her arrival and bowed. Both the maître d and Smith pointed to a seat opposite his. The maître d gestured to the booth, she sat and he left.  She took off her hat glanced out at the sleet now coming down and then asked “Are we really going to have Cherries Jubliee?”

Smith replied with a smile and said, “Later. Perhaps if things go poorly.” He looked at his vest and then scowled back at Millicent and said, “That little episode ruined my best working vest.”

Millicent said, “Camille couldn’t clean it?”

Smith said with a pained look, “I couldn’t get back to the ship and those excuses for maids ruined it trying to get it clean. “ He then pasted a smile on and  said, “In its stead, I have ordered a tea service and selected sweets and savories. I find the weather a bit chilly for champagne.”

Millicent said, “I do need to return to the Savoy and thank Alfred soon. That really was an excellent distraction for me to slip out.”

Smith replied tersely, “I found you two days later returning to pay your bill.”

Millicent smiled warmly, “But it was a very busy two days.”

The tea service arrived and Smith said, “I have no doubt. I’ve ordered a Black Oolong.  I find it a bit more exotic and lighter than some of the other blends.” The waiter poured cups for both.  Millicent prepared her tea and had a sweet fruit tart.  The tea was dark, a bit smoky but fully flavored. Smith set his cup down and said, “You have plans to an Omicron device?”

Millicent set her own cup down and said, “Two actually. We haven’t scaled either up yet, but there are two.  One manages ‘Faster Than Light’ travel by encasing the ship in an energy and matter warp of some sort. The second provides the energy for that little bit of magic by harnessing dark energy.”

Smith raised his eyebrows in surprise and sputtered, “They managed that? Here? With local technology? They are barely smarter than the simians they evolved from.”

“You continue to underestimate them.  There are some questions about how they managed to refine large enough quantities of some specialty metals, but I’ve seen nothing that couldn’t have been done local means.”

Smith tapped his fingers on the table and then said, “I’ll need to see the plans and confer with Camille. The Guild already has FTL.  This is hardly new.”

Millicent lifted her cup and said, “Please spare me such postures. The Guild has its version and it has no interest in anyone else producing their own.  You and I both know it is horribly expensive as far as energy. Sean’s and Martha’s is probably faster and has a cheaper source of energy.”

Smith sighed dramatically, “Fine…let us assume this technology is new and better. Its distribution and sale will be problematic.” He looked at her and said, “Thinking of moving into the black market? I have some excellent connections.”

Millicent rolled her eyes and said, “I’m sure your do.” She leaned forward and said,  “This technology has huge advantages. I will be meeting with them to get a bit of relaxation in their policy. If it changes policy – such issues won’t be a problem.”

Smith laughed heartily. Annoyed as she was, she understood. He recovered and said, “The Guild change policy? They haven’t changed their shorts in a thousand years.”

Millicent took a drink of tea to hide her annoyance. She looked at the cup as she said, “True. But I hope to make some arguments in that matter.”

Smith chuckled and said, “ Your family was always naïve. Let me know how that works out for you.”  He flapped his hand and leaned back in his chair and said, “But I’ll play the game…so you are offering me a license to sell to others.”

Millicent tapped her fingers on the table and then said,  “25%  ownership rights, patronizing bastard.”

Smith crossed his arms and narrowed his gaze responded, “50%”

“Not going to happen.”

“Then I hold Simone Campbells’ contract.”

Millicent winced a little. She had hoped to get to that later, but Smith knew what she valued. She replied, “30% and I buy Simone’s, Edward Wayland and Neville Carter-Fraser’s contracts.”

Smith rolled his eyes and said, “your words…not going to happen.” Smith steepled his fingers  and then said, “What of Earth and its license?”

“You leave for a portion of the Omicron device licenses.”

Smith with quirk in his mouth said, “Let me see if I have your position correct. For 30% ownership of an illegal technology, I hand over my contractors (I will need replacements) and cede you all of Earth. Have I left anything out?”

Millicent leaned forward and said, “You have no claim on Earth to start with so there is nothing for you to cede here.” She leaned back and said, “Let’s see if I have your position correct. I give you 50% ownership rights to technologies that will be obscenely profitable. I also hand back Simone. I hold the technology and Simone now. Why should I do any of that at all?”

Smith continued, “Simone’s contract is with me. You can’t keep her and face the Guild with such an outrageous proposal.  If we meet agreeable terms, I will be very supportive of your efforts to legalize our obscenely profitable technologies and I will avoid mentioning all that messy interference with my contractors.”

Millicent ate a savory, wiped her hands with a napkin and dabbed her face and put the napkin down.  She smirked, “I think we have both left considerable room for negotiation.”

Smith also smirked, “And I was told you had no sense of understated humor.”

John Smith In front of his house. Created by Anita Tabaczkiewicz at

John Smith In front of his house. Created by Anita Tabaczkiewicz at


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