The Intergalactic Nemesis – Awesome Show and Comic


I went to a great show last night – “Intergalactic  Nemesis  – Target Earth”. For those you are not NPR junkies,  Intergalactic Nemesis is what I call “live action radio.” There were three voice actors on stage, a Foley artist who produced sound affects, an accompanist on a Steinway piano (that poor Steinway is going to need a tune), a director and sound mixer.  The voice actors would act out the script with sound effects and the piano providing mood.  The script is a web comic available online at The Intergalactic Nemesis website.  Looking at the synopsis below give you an idea of how much fun it is.

The Intergalactic Nemesis: Target Earth

The year is 1933. Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Molly Sloan and her intrepid research assistant Timmy Mendez team up with a mysterious librarian from Flagstaff, Arizona, named Ben Wilcott. Together, they travel from Rumania to Scotland to the Alps to Tunis to the Robot Planet and finally to Imperial Zygon to defeat a terrible threat to the very future of humanity: an invading force of sludge-monsters from the planet Zygon!
Camp to high heaven. There were cheers. There were boos and hisses. There were “awws…” as characters died.  A total blast. And anyone can watch a show on the Intergalactic Nemesis Youtube channel

Let me know what you think

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