The Omicron Matter- Knowledge Discovered – Simone Performs Magic

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Knowledge Discovered. Simone and Felicity expose one of the cables running from the lightning rods to the pond and destroyed lab. The cable has an odd color and seems unaffected by time.  Remembering a test from the notebooks, Simone arranges a test of the material to show some startling properties.

Authors Note:

Most of you know that the Meissner effect is real.  It is the most visibly striking feature of superconductivity. The explanations behind it are a bit complex.  The jist of it is that super conductive materials expel “magnetic flux” by moving the charge so fast. (Physics wasn’t my strongest subject).  Again hard Sci Fi folk will like this entry.

Simone – Performing magic

Simone watched Eleanor as she used the saw to cut through the masonry.  Simone had never clearly seen the drill that had opened the basement wall and set her free. Or at least free of Smith and his gang. She touched the collar lightly and then shook her head to clear her thoughts.

Over by the pond, she could see the drone was staring to bring up small bits and pieces of the wreckage. Jason was washing them down with some fluid that made them safer while the drone submerged to bring up more.

The saw had slower going on the masonry.  There were two cuts across the length of the tube. Eleanor was finishing the second lengthwise cut. When the cut had been finished, the piece feel into the channel. Simone said to Felicity “Only touch the masonry and use gloves. Millicent’s been very mindful of toxins in this place.” She and Felicity pulled out the broken pieces of brick and mortar while Eleanor moved the saw back over by the pond.

Slowly a thick inch and half cable came into view. Where the cable wasn’t covered in mortar dust, there was a cobalt metallic blue  – almost the same color as the water. Simone doubted the cable was cobalt because of that material’s inferior electrical  properties  were inconsistent with the strange materials documented in the notebooks.

Felicity commented, “You wouldn’t know it had been buried 20 years.”

Simone agreed, “There should be at least some patina of oxide. This looks like they could have laid it yesterday.” Simone considered it for a moment and then said, “I need to make a test. I will wager Millicent has some materials in those crates to help me make that test. Felicity, find a whisk and clean off the cables carefully. Use a face mask. God knows what mysterious materials are tied up in that dust.”

Simone went over to the crowd that was watching the drone work underwater.  Simone tapped Millicent on the shoulder and said, “I need to make the cable extremely cold. And I need a magnet.” Millicent turned to her and scowled.

Liam said, “Tain’t cold enough for you?”

Simone smiled sweetly, “I need it to be -400 Fahrenheit or so…and a magnet.”

Liam whistled. Millicent put a hand on her head and rubbed her brow, “Oh dear Lord…they really bent the rules.” Without looking up she pointed to a crate and said, “You’ll find a canister of liquid in that crate. Be extremely careful, it will burn you worse than a fire.  For a magnet, you’ll have to rummage, but there is bound to be one around here somewhere.” She turned back to the pond and the notebook saying, “I predict you’ll see the results you are expecting.”

Simone blew out her cheeks and said, “I shall test because that is what one does to a hypothesis. I haven’t decided whether I will be happy about the results.”  Millicent turned her eye to Simone and raised an eyebrow and then shrugged and continued monitoring the drone’s effort in the pond. Simone gathered the canister and the magnet and returned to the trench and Felicity.

Simone looked down at the cleaned cable and said, “Perfect Felicity. Now watch. I suspect science is about to perform magic.” Simone placed the magnet on the coil and made sure it was stationary. She then poured the contents of the canister onto and around the cable. The liquid bubbled, hissed and steamed and yet Simone could feel the cold even from a couple of feet away. The colorless cloudy liquid pooled next to the cable and magnet. In a short time, the magnet rose by itself[1]. Felicity exclaimed, “You were right  – magic.”

Simone sighed, “I suspect there is an explanation, but we don’t know it yet. Now it is a mystery just like everything else about this house.”

[1] The Meissner Effect  – with a weak applied field, a superconductor expels nearly all magnetic flux. The visible effect of this is magnets that float above superconductive metals.



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