The Omicron Matter – Knowledge Discovered – John and Opening the Pond

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Knowledge Discovered. John and Eleanor have been using the large circular saw to cut a block out of the ice are are almost done.  As the saw does its work, John preps the block to lift it out. With a bit of friendly joshing and come cooperation, the block pops out and they have access to the the bottom of the pond.

For those of you who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to begin.

John – Opening the pond

As the saw worked its way through the 3rd edge, John rummaged in the cases and found three good sized eye bolts.  With a hand drill, he predrilled the ice for each of the rings and then screwed them in.  He packed a bit of snow in each hole and hoped there was enough time for ice to form to hold them in place.  He shouted to Eleanor over the noise of the cutting saying, “Just need those to set a bit and we’ll be able to drag this block right out. Eleanor nodded, gave her thumbs and continued her monitoring of the saw.  The third track done, the two of them set the circular saw on the fourth and final track.  John looked over the yard and saw several of the group digging up a stone walk way. Odd, he thought, but everything about this house was odd.

The final edge took about 10 minutes to complete, it was a bit longer because the block was starting to bind the blade. Eleanor had John and Liam use poles on adjacent cuts to keep the block true enough for the blade to do its work. Finally the saw finished and the block wobbled a bit free of the rest of the ice.

John found some stout rope in the garden shed. When he came out, he saw Millicent talking to Eleanor and pointing to the crowd around the walk way. He reached the hole on the pond and tossed one end to Liam and said, “Tie this into one of the eye bolts.  And for God’s sake be careful. If you fall in, Millicent will hide me and I expect Charles will torment you no end.”

Liam shook his head and got down on all fours and said, “Aye, be careful on ice…got it. Going to tell me to breathe too?”   Shortly, there were three lengths of rope extending from the eye bolts on the block of ice. At that point, John hailed Jason over and said, “Farm boy, we need to lift out this block of ice. Liam gets the middle, you and I get the outside.”

Jason rolled his eyes, “You sure you don’t want to spread all that Irish brawn out.” And took the rope he was directed to.  He called Eleanor over and said, “You and Simone push down on the block opposite we brawlers with one of the poles.  When it submerges, we should be able to haul it out.  Careful of that water. Stephan and Millicent are afraid of that water and that is enough for me. Eleanor took the pole and nodded and handed a second to Simone. Jason, Liam and John took hold of the ropes but kept them slack. Under their feet was a burlap sack cloth.  Simone and Eleanor pushed down on the block of ice which went down a bit. Simone and Eleanor developed a rocking rhythm with each push going down further. On the fourth hard push their side went under and John could see the bottom edge of the block. He shouted, “Heave to boys” and the three men pulled hard on the ropes. The block of ice burst up and onto the cloth and a light blue water sloshed up onto the surface of the ice.

Millicent looked intently at the water and opened the notebook and said, “Time for a swim Charles.”


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