The Omicron Matter – Knowledge Discovered – Felicity on the Garden Path

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Knowledge Discovered. Felicity and Michael are sent out to find the lightning rods. Something about the garden seemed a bit out of place and Felicity investigates. A channel runs under the path and leads to the pond.

Look for more tomorrow.

For those who are new to The Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Felicity on the Garden Path

Felicity and Michael began looking for the lightning rods and cables towards the derelict house. Michael quickly found one on the far side of the house. The near side was a wreck and the rod was likely gone or crushed. Michael began looking around the garden shed for any evidence of another. Felicity knew the rod had to go directly into the ground. There were no obvious cables above ground. She looked around the garden and noticed a stone path in the back of the house that intersected the more formal path to the pond.  Felicity went to the garden shed. Inside the dusty and rotting shed she saw a set of gardening tools on one side. She grabbed a pick and went to the stone walk way. She swung the heavy tool and then tried to pry up the stepping stone. With the second swing, she had the attention of Jason who shouted, “Hoy…tearing up my house?”

Felicity shouted back, “When is the last time you slept here? It needs some dusting. I am looking for the cables. I am certain they are under this pathway.”  Jason and Michael came over to be helpful, but she shooed them away, “Get your own pick. If I am right, the pathway from the house and the shed also have cables that run to the pond.” Michael and Jason looked at each other and shrugged and went to the toolshed. Felicity wasn’t as sure of what they would find in the shed as she was sure that she had the best tool. She swung the pick again. Weeks of strength training seemed to make a difference as the slate flag stone loosened and then came up with fifth swing. Felicity carefully probed the soil with the pick and felt something solid underneath. She removed more stone quickly and then traded Michael the pick for his shovel. She dug down removing two feet of soil under the path.  The solid object had a flat surface that looked like a long box without ends. She shouted, “I’ve found something.”

Michael and Jason quickly removed more of the flagstone. Felicity and, now Simone cleared away dirt.

Millicent and Rachael came over.  Felicity and Simone stood in the shallow ditch.

Simone said, “Something is protected from the elements.”

Millicent squinted her eyes narrowly, “Or protecting the residents from the contents. When John and Eleanor are done, we’ll bring the saw over and find out what is in there. We need to open that up carefully. Don’t touch anything in that box.” Millicent looked over at Felicity who was resting and panting a bit on the shovel, winked and said, “Good thinking!”


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