The Omicron Matter – Knowledge Discovered – Getting the Drone Moving

Another entry in the Omicron Matter – Knowledge Discovered. Millicent starts showing some interesting tools to help in the investigation. There is a new drone for going underwater. Eleanor and John will be working with a large circular saw.  It is the middle of winter in England so the small pond has a thick layer of ice.

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For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Millicent – at the House – Getting the Drone moving

Millicent opened her notebook to a page and said, “System Check Charles.”

Charles voice came from the notebook saying, “All systems are nominal.” The drone floated up and rotated around as if it was taking in the group.  Charles voice said, “Everyone seems to be a bit cold. We should get started.”

Millicent smiled and said, “Right.” She turned to the group, “John and Eleanor unload that second crate. You’ll find a large circular saw and supporting equipment. You’ll need a bit of brute force to get the machine out of the crate.”

John opened the crate with Eleanor looking over his shoulder. He whistled and said, “No wonder the thing was some bloody heavy.” Liam had joined them and the three of them lifted it out and set it on the path. The power source was similar to the drilling machine used to rescue Eleanor. John looked at the ice on the pond and said, “That has to be near on a foot thick.”

Millicent winked at him and said, “Good, you won’t fall. A dunking would tax your nanotechnology.” She pointed to the floating orb and said, “That has to get under the ice and get materials back out.”

Eleanor looked at the orb and then at John who squinted at it as if measuring then said, “Right let’s get started. He placed the large circular blade on a section of ice. Eleanor measured over approximately 3 feet and marked the ice. John switched the power on and there was a small hum. Millicent watched as the two conferred on the machine testing knobs that made the blade go up and down, right and left and tilting one way or the next. Eleanor and John positioned the blade at the start of a marking and set the saw blade turning.

Millicent called Jason, Rachael and Simone over and asked, “Now, what are we looking for?”


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