The Omicron Matter – Knowledge Discovered – Jason Discussing the Notebooks

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Knowledge Discovered. The group is reunited in Dunstable. Rachael quickly gathers Jason and Simone to discuss the notebooks. All three have been researching the findings in the notebooks and all three are coming up with information that seems impossible. Rachael makes the most startling announcement of all.

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Jason  – Discussing the Notebooks

The rest of the group had arrived in the afternoon. So there would be celebration with the staff after work. After Millicent left, Rachael quickly pulled he and Simone aside and said, “We need to talk”. Rachael lifted the heavy satchel with books to emphasize her point.

Jason asked, “Now?”

Rachael smirked and said, “I expect a thank you from Candace before we leave town for removing the scales from your eyes.” Jason blushed. Rachael continued, “Yes, now Don Juan. Simone and I have questions that you are capable of answering …maybe.”

Jason looked confused, “Charles can help with things like that.

Simone said, “I won’t say he is exactly evasive. He just keeps saying we don’t know enough.”

Rachael said, “I’ll say he’s being evasive. Have you made any progress on some of those equations?”

Jason glanced over at Stephan, raised his eyebrows and pointed to the back. Stephan nodded and pointed with his chin while cleaning the counter.

Jason said, “Follow me.”

The two women followed Jason to Stephan’s office. He looked flustered when he saw the steps down into the sunken office.

Rachael groaned and said, “Don’t worry, I’ve gotten used to it.  Move me down there. I have to weigh less than any horse you’ve worked with.”

Jason lifted Rachael with relative ease while Simone moved the chair onto the crowded office floor. Jason returned Rachael to her chair less some dignity. Jason then laid open his notebook with his own diagrams and equations. He said, “The equations describe a field or more like a boundary. The features of the field,  the manner of producing it or controlling it don’t make any sense.”

Simone supplied, “The materials used in producing the field surely don’t make sense.”

Jason said, “or, rather, we don’t know or understand the principles of the field or the materials.”

Rachael snorted, “You’ve been hanging around John too long. Difference without a distinction.”

Jason said, “Not quite. The field seems to isolate the interior from everything. The graphs tell me this is what should happen, but it doesn’t say why. ”

Simone said, “Glass or metal act like barriers. How is this field different.”

Jason stroked his chin as he explained, “Glass isolates the interior from touching other things and possibly heat, depending on thickness. Metal isolates from touch and light and possibly magnetic properties. But with this field, there are other forces at play. This field, theoretically, isolates the interior from gravity which should be impossible. And according to graphs I’ve made, it isolates the interior from time. But nothing should be isolated from time. That should be impossible. I might be able to prove it, but it is difficult calculation and I haven’t figured it all it. Regardless, you can’t hide from time. But things in this field can.”

Rachael stared at Jason’s notebook with the multiple integrals and field diagrams and said, “Blimey. That explains the fourth set of experiments.”

Simone and Jason said together, “Explains what?”

Rachael said quietly, “Animals and plants they were measuring and monitoring. They showed no signs of growth or decay over two years. Nary a gray hair or a lost leaf in two years.”

Simone said, biting her lip, “I think tomorrow is going to be very interesting.”


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