The Omicron Matter – Knowledge Discovered – Simone Ponders Strange Metals

A new entry in The Omicron Matter – Knowledge Discovered. Simone is on the train heading to Dunstable.  She has been working with Rachael on some of the tests in the notebooks. The metals described had properties she had never imagined. She barely understood electrical conductivity and these materials seemed to have almost no electrical resistance.  How is that  possible?

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Author’s note

I am working on giving Simone her voice. I view her as very adept at materials, electronics and mathematics. Much like Jason. I also see her as someone whose destiny was always predetermined and breaking away will be the first hurdle she must cross.  Felicity is getting married today! I am sure there will be a post about that soon.

Simone  – On train –Thinks About Strange Metals

Simone sat opposite Liam O’Hannigan and Milicent. Millicent looked out the window while Liam’s head drooped and he snored lightly. Simone fingered the collar lightly. She had almost forgotten about it these days. Since Alfred and Winifred had delivered their message, there had been no more episodes and, for that, she was thankful.

She was still angry with Millicent for even accepting the message from those two, let alone agreeing to meet with Smith.  The nightmares from those days had lessened, but she still could see Winifred’s leering grin, Neville’s frenzied anticipation, and Alfred Redman’s haunting impassivity.  Millicent’s reason was that she had promised and that was all that was necessary.  Millicent, who was sympathetic on most matters, was intransient on this. Millicent promised that  she and Eleanor would never have to deal directly with Smith or his crew, but Millicent would deal with Smith and this was not a matter of debate.

Despite the coming discussions, Simone felt safer than she had since the rescue. Having chosen to join Millicent, albeit in a forced choice, Simone felt freer than she had since she was a child. Her family was a different restraint than the collar, but no less constricting.  The collar provided a needed excuse: leave or die.  She now had a life beyond actuarial tables. As a contractor under Millicent, she had opportunities that exceeded her imagination.

Rachael had involved her in the indexing of the notebooks and sought her knowledge on materials. At first Simone said the experiments were impossible. Charles corrected her and provided some explanation of these new materials. Following the directions in the book, she was able to create small amounts of the materials. Then she and Rachael performed a set of experiments and observations. While she was no Jason, she knew enough electronics to say these new materials exceeded expectations. Charles suggested placing some of the materials over a magnet and they floated!  Most were rather brittle and all were hard to work with. One was very malleable. It was also very reactive to the atmosphere and had a strange glow about it. Charles had Rachael and Simone work behind screens “for our protection.” When they asked what they were being protected from, Charles would only say, “You need a bit more knowledge to know why it was necessary.”


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