The Omicron Matter – Knowledge Discovered – Rachael – Odd Ninefold Brew Keg

A new entry in The Omicron Matter – Knowledge Discovered. Rachael is on the train to Dunstable after unveiling the door chime. She had to settle matters with her father, but is now officially on Millicent’s team. She has been reviewing the lab notebooks from Jason’s Parents and finding mystery after mystery.  While many parts were beyond her ken and Jason and Simone studied those, there was a most curious device that generated some sort of wave or field. Finding that will answer many questions.

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For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Authors Note:

It has been a long time since my last postings and I apologize.  This chapter is very long and wasn’t finished when I finished the previous chapter.  Because it was so long and I type in small amounts on this project, it took a long time to type (It was started on the 2nd and finished typing on the 13th).  But it is done and I have several days of postings so that I can get the next chapter done.

This chapter finally explains the Omicron and why it matters…at least if you stick with reading.  I always appreciate comments and observations.



Rachael – on the train – Odd Ninefold Brew Keg

Rachael watched the countryside rumble by. She missed her heated seat at the moment. The coach was drafty. Despite the extra layers and a small coal heater, she was chilled.

It had been two days since the final addition to the door chime had been unveiled. When she told her father she would be leaving with Millicent, he was distressed. She had known he would be. But he had said things she had not expected. To this point, he had always encouraged her to be independent and he had always hinted she should seek more adventure. So she was surprised to hear him say, “it is too dangerous,” and “you need me.”  She was still finding out how to navigate in the wheel chair and she was daily finding new barriers that had to be dealt with.  It was navigating with the chair that finally made her choice of leaving easy. As fond as she was of her room, the shop, the temple and her neighborhood, at each place someone had to pull her up stairs or lift her through a narrow door.  Getting up to the flat above the shop was tiring for her and whoever lifted her.  The loo in the flat had no handles. She would spend half of whatever fortune Millicent left her just getting the house usable. She tried to stay calm as she explained these things to her father, but it wasn’t easy. Her father argued. He said he could make the changes himself. Finally, in frustration, she got out of the chair and onto the floor and said, “Get me into that chair and I won’t go.” He tried, but he couldn’t lift her.  When he stopped trying and sat glumly in his own chair, she levered herself onto the chair. He could only watch and could do little to help her. After a long silence, he agreed that he couldn’t help her in the ways she needed now. The admission was hard for him to make and hard for Rachael to hear.  She came back the day after the unveiling and they went to temple together. It ended better than the start might have predicted. She would stay in contact until the group left. He would visit on the ship when time permitted. He was getting to know Mr. Woodson and finding the man an excellent businessman and a man who understood his loss.

And so she was on a train to Dunstable to solve a mystery.  Jason’s Parent’s House, The Iterum, had collapsed because of an experiment or it was blown up. They were experimenting on several fronts. The first experiment seemed to be a way to capture, store, and use energy from lightning.  At least that is what Jason said. She managed math with one integral symbol; her eyes crossed with two or more. The second experiment involved the electrical and heat conductivity of several alloys. According to Jason and Simone, some of the conductivity numbers seemed impossible. The elements involved were rare, only recently discovered, and very hard to work with.  The third set of entries in the notebooks involved a device with rotating circles. This was something she understood.  There were four concentric circles of material. Each rotated on a different axis and at a different rate.  The gears of the pedestal managed to rotate each circle in both directions.  The fourth and strangest entry involved mostly math, but also had experimental data on live plants.  They seemed to be looking at growth rates over some months and years. And as near as she could tell, none of the plants or animals aged significantly over the five years of experiments. These entries always had the heading “Odd Ninefold Brew Keg”.



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