The Omicron Matter – A Door Chime is Added – The Door Chime Tested

The last entry for The Omicron Matter – A Door Chime is Added. Rachael has had her conversation with her father and calls everyone into the show room to wait for a customer.  Abigail, Alice and Athena arrive to set the new addition off on its course.  This piece is complex and had multiple parts with everyone on the team having a place.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s note –

This entry isn’t quite as long as yesterday’s but it has two verses of an old Scottish folk song.  According Wikipedia “Thou Bonnie Wood  O’ Craggielea” formed the tune basis for “Waltzing Matilda” (my original choice but was not written until the 1930’s).  I had a bit of fun coming up with appropriate songs for the corner music boxes as well.

Typing is continuing on the next chapter. A small hiatus may result. My apologies for the delay.

The Door chime is Tested

The crowd filed into the front. Rachael pointed and waved saying, “Liam, Rachael, Simone…behind the counter. You did more work than me.”

Liam looked embarrassed, but Simone squealed wildly and quickly moved behind the counter. Eleanor took a bit more time moving behind the counter. She could see both Rachael and Mordechai’s eyes were red and puffy. But his hand was on her shoulder and her hand was holding it in place. Eleanor took a place next to Simone and waved Liam to get beside her. Minutes ticked by as conversation continued about the installation. Albeit with less exaggeration Liam and a few more technical details from Eleanor as Michael asked about mounting the boxes and cables. Still no one arrived and Eleanor wondered if Michael’s doubts were right this time.

Finally the door opened.  The ball released to begin its circuit starting cuckoo clocks, dancing ballerinas, and marching soldiers.  Eleanor’s airship began to move. Everyone, including the new arrivals, watched as the ship moved to the next station on the track. “Thou Bonnie Wood O Craigielea” played as the ship moved although it was hard to hear over the cacophony of clocks and other music boxes.  The ball finished its path as the ship arrived next to a castle that looked remarkably like Hampton Court.  Two figures came out dressed as Queen’s guards marching in time to “Rule Britannia”. One figure was very tall and broad and looking very much like John O’Malley. The other medium and a bit thin and there was hint of a smile under the bearskin hat looked like Liam O’Hannigan.  A ramp lowered from the capsule of the airship and a figure in a wheel chair rolled and lifted her hat. The two soldiers saluted in return.

Rachael turned to Eleanor and hissed, “You changed the figure.”

Eleanor kept her eyes on the display and smiled beatifically, “I had help and I like this one better.”

Mordechai squeezed her shoulder and said, “Hush, I like this one better too.”

The music stopped, the figures disappeared and everyone one clapped loudly.  The people who came in were Abigail, Alice and Athena. All three had rosy cheeks and Athena was jumping up and down clapping her mittened hands.  She asked, “Ohh, that was marvelous! Can I open the door again?”

Mordechai rolled his eyes in mock frustration.  But Alice put her hand on Athena’s shoulder and said in a loud whisper, “Maybe in a moment. I think there is a story to this amazing music box.” Athena squirmed a bit, but she managed to be as still as an eight year old could be and looked around.

Rachael sighed, closed her eyes and her voice rose as if telling a tale, “The midrashim tell a story at the beginning of time after the world was made but before God had made Man.  God walked the earth to the four corners. And at each, in the east, and in the west and in the south and in the north God gathered clay.  As God made this journey, the angels asked,’ why do you gather clay from the four corners of the earth?’ God said…“ Rachael stopped and her voice cracked for a moment. She took a ragged breath and continued in a rough whisper, “God said, ‘when I make Man, he will wander. When he dies, he will still be at home even as he wandered. For no matter where he wanders, he will be returning to where he came from.’” Rachael stopped and dabbed her eyes with a handkerchief already wadded and a bit wet.

Millicent looked at Athena, “The ship is at the Palace in England. Why don’t you open the door again see where it goes next.” Athena almost ran to open the door and the process began again, Mordechai, “Oy vey. Do I run a shop or an amusement?”  The process launched again, this time the ship stopped in front of a palace of pagodas with soaring eves and a dragon on top. Two figures came out an elaborate gate who looked remarkably like Michael and Felicity.  That music box played “The Water is Wide”.  Again the wheeled version tipped her cap. This time the figures bowed deeply.

Athena stood by the door looking expectantly. Rachael said, “Perhaps we don’t need the track for the last two. Athena, if you flip the switch, we can see the next leg.”  Now the tune of “Thou Bonnie Wood O Craigielea”. While there are no words, Liam and Felicity could be heard signing quietly along

Thou bonnie wood of Craigielea,
Thou bonnie wood of Craigielea,
Near thee I pass’d life’s early day,
And won my Mary’s heart in thee.

The broom, the brier, the birken bush,
Bloom bonnie o’er thy flow’ry lea;
And a’ the sweets that ane can wish
Frae Nature’s hand are strew’d on thee.
Thou bonnie wood o’ Craigielea
Thou bonnie wood o’ Craigielea
Near thee I pass’d life’s early day
And won my Mary’s heart in thee.

The airship traversed to another side of the room and stopped in front of a set of Egyptian Pyramids. The two figures came from either side. One was tall and thin and very, very dark in complexion. The other was shorter, lighter in complexion and a bit stockier. Both looked as if they were Egyptian queens with long dark hair and diaphanous dresses.  The figure on the airship tipped her hat and the two figures leaned back and raised their hands to the heavens.  The music box played “Blow the Wind Southerly”.  Eleanor pulled Simone close as the sequence finished.  Athena looked at the box and then at Eleanor and Simone and giggled. Eleanor muttered, “I’m hardly wearing anything. We are all glad that it is dark in that corner.”

Liam muttered, “Oh I don’t know about that lass…oof!” Eleanor stomped hard on his foot.

Rachael nodded to Athena who flipped the switch again.  And the music began again. This time Liam and Felicity nodded at each other and apparently had figured out which verse to sing and began with an alto and baritone singing

Thou bonnie wood of Craigielea,
Thou bonnie wood of Craigielea,
Near thee I pass’d life’s early day,
And won my Mary’s heart in thee.

Though fate should drag me south the line
Or o’er the wide Atlantic sea
The happy hours I’ll ever mind,
That I in youth hae spent in thee.
Thou bonnie wood o’ Craigielea
Thou bonnie wood o’ Craigielea
Near thee I pass’d life’s early day
And won my Mary’s heart in thee.

Liam dabbed his eyes with a handkerchief this time.  The airship arrived at a log cabin and an ox came out followed by a farmer who was reading as he plowed. The farmer was tall and broad shouldered. He waved his book to the figure on the Airship. The music played was “Over the Hills and Far Away”.

Millicent said, “Jason agreed to that?”

Rachael smiled and said, “It took a bit of convincing. There are some details that he added to make it more like him. He was a farmer’s boy so he agreed as long as there was a book. The house has lights on at night and when those lights are on, you can see silhouettes of a man and a woman. His parents? His aunt and uncle? I don’t’ know.”  Rachael pointed to the figure in the chair retreating up the airship ramp and said,  “that was supposed to be Millicent.”

Eleanor shrugged, “A few us decided this looked better. Besides, look at the front of the cabin in the ship.”

Attention turned to the cabin of the airship. Athena pointed, “I see her. Aunty Millicent is guiding the airship.”

Eleanor glanced at Millicent was looking at the ship and yet somewhere else.  Millicent said quietly, “It is all so different now.”

There was quiet. Mordechai finally said, “No matter where you are, you will find home. And you will always have a place here.”

Eleanor said, “It is so hard to imagine. I’ve never been much farther than Epping. I’ve never left the country. Now…”

Simone held her hand looking at the airship, “But we will be seeing things no one else will have seen.”

Abigail coughed into her hand, but said nothing. Mordechai said, “The young should. It is what should be.”

Rachael waved her hands, “Enough of this maudlin mess. Michael, Felicity…I presume you have something proper drinks to celebrate with?”

Michael held up two bottles of champagne. Felicity said, “I’ve brought some fruit juice for people who don’t like champagne.”

Rachael, commanding everyone as she had with the installation said, “Everyone in the back for a proper celebration. Athena, you can sit on my lap and we’ll run the door chime another time and I’ll show you some of it’s tricks.”


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