The Omicron Matter – A Door Chime is Finished – Installation Begins

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – A Door Chime is Finished. Installation begins on the elaborate addition to the door chime. The mechanism consists of four music boxes each situated in a corner of the room near the ceiling. The center of the room holds a control box that helps moves Eleanor’s airship around on a track. The airship will stop at each music box and mechanisms will perform.  Setting it up is quite a task even with four people working on it.

If you are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s note.

I make a reference to the Bottle and Glass. It shows up in a chapter in the Recruiting Matter. I’ve included a link for interested folk to follow to its introduction.

The Door Chime Installation Begins

Simone asked, “What happens next?”

Rachael said, “We unpack and start installing.” Dishes were gathered and taken to the kitchen and the unpacking began. There were five boxes plus Eleanor’s airship.  Four of the boxes would go in the corners of the front room. A slightly larger music box would be mounted in the center of the room. After getting the contents out of their various crates, the four headed to the front room to figure out what needed to happen. Rachael pointed to two corners which held clocks and said, “Those will need to go.”

Mordechai fretted, “That is from Henry Baldwin in Manchester.  You just don’t move a piece like that.”


Eleanor looked at the wood clock appraisingly. The wood case was quality wood with a good finish.  It had a dignified look about it with its long case topped with the circular clock face sporting roman numerals. Eleanor asked, “I might have a place for it. What is the price?”

Mordechai sputtered for a moment. Scratched his head, “Eh, price?”

Eleanor said, “I’ll want an inscription plate above the door. Not too big, but made of brass.”

Mordechai shifted his gaze between the clock and Eleanor who simply smiled. He said, “What are you talking about?”

Eleanor shrugged, “Rachael says the clock needs to move and I know a place for it, but it’s not here. How much is the clock if I get an inscription plate?”

Mordechai, still confused, asked again, “You want to buy the clock?”

Eleanor said, “It is quality built. It has a fine wood case. It will look magnificent in the Front Room at Woodson’s. Who knows? You might get business.”

Mordechai scratched his head and said, “I have to think on the price.  Haven’t had a family discount in a while. Eli Weichsel can get the engraving done and pack it up tomorrow. That is a good job for an apprentice.”

With the crisis averted, Liam found a ladder and work began. Customers came into the store with their watches or clocks or looking to purchase something for a relative or friend.  The door chime was blocked so that the crew could work. Customers looked a bit confused at the lack of noise.  Liam and Eleanor worked together mounting the corner music boxes. Simone worked on the device after it was mounted making changes under Rachael’s direction.  By 5:30, they had two of the corner music boxes mounted.  Liam declared work was done despite Rachael’s protests. But he silenced all muttering when he declared that dinner would be at “The Bottle and Glass”.

“The Bottle and Glass” was where Millicent explained the coming journey and gave them the shot of nanotechnology.  It was there her new journey really started. At the memory filled pub, Liam and Eleanor got Rachael through the door.  Liam said into her ear, “Bit o’ change in roles on this visit.”

Rachael hissed, “Liam O’Hannigan, if you weren’t holding me up right now I would roll over your feet.  I think you still owe me a beer for hauling you in here the last time.”

Orders for meat pies and beers were placed with Simone ordering a wine. Conversation circled around the challenges of the day and what they had accomplished so far.

Rachael looked at Eleanor and asked, “What are you going to do with that old clock. I know how much that costs. It will be near on two months of salary even with Millicent’s wages.”

Eleanor smiled and flushed a bit saying, “A gift of sorts for my family. It IS a beautiful clock and I expect my father will have your father tend to it.”

Rachael asked, “What will the engraving be?”

Eleanor smiled quietly, “Thank you for giving me wings and letting me fly, Love Eleanor.”

There was silence and then Liam raised his glass and said, “Here, Here” and everyone drunk deeply.


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